Thursday, January 17, 2008

HFF-RR and a side trip to the Big Easy!!!

Last night I worked on the Heartfelt Friends RR - I have Janice's piece and she is going for an overall Fall theme. Here is a snap of the progress.

It sure is a wonky picture, and certainly did not look as wonky last night when I took it, but I only took one so you get the idea. I modified a chart and then am having to shift part of the piece to fit in everything. I am really pleased with the way it is turning out. The more I do these LHN charts the more I really like them. They are relatively quick to make up and are just charming. Donna - I will have this RR on its way to you next Tuesday.

My sister and I are taking a quick little trip to New Orleans, just the two of us to get away, at the end of the month. I am very excited about that as we never get to do anything together. I have been to NO before and am really looking forward to visiting the NO Museum of Art to see the revamped collection of Faberge.

The SBQ - "What is your favorite past time while stitching?"

I usually have the TV going and that will usually have a movie showing.
Last night's feature was "Yankee Doodle Dandy" what a great picture!!

Thanks for stopping by, Take Care!!!



  1. I love your choice for the RR. It's looking great :)

    How exciting that you are going to spend some time in NO with your sister :)

  2. Great progress on the RR, I know what you mean about the LHN charts, love'em!

    What a fun trip to look forward to!

  3. Hi Edgar

    I love LHN myself too...In fact I got several of their patterns too in my to do pile some day....LOL.....

    It is so nice that you and your sister get to go away for a couple of younger brother and I use to do that too every time he came home from the service. Have fun in NO.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  4. Nice job you're doing on this RR ;)

  5. Enjoy a great time in New Orleans with your sister! I spent my 26th birthday there - what fun! :D

  6. Great picture of Mom!!! I'm looking forward to going away with you too!!! I have faith that you are doing some research on different things to do in the area. :v) Love you. Call me...I can never get through on your home phone.

  7. Fabulous picture at the top of your blog - tell us more!

  8. Hi Edgar, I just found your blog through Carol's and am loving all your projects. Miss Potter turned out super!! It is really neat to see a male stitcher in blogland -- I know you guys are out there!

    I used to work from home and do a lot of exchanging but now I work for a foster care agency and only get to stitch a little in my spare time. I'll be back - Rachel

  9. Your RR is looking great! The LHN charts really are a joy to stitch :)

  10. Janice's RR is looking great! And the pic doesn't look wonky to me, or maybe it's my eyes. LOL These LHN charts are great the way we can work with them and adapt them for this RR.