Friday, January 18, 2008

A new look and some stitching

As you can see I have revamped my blog a little and given it a new/old look. (How often can you use the word vamp and not be referring to
Theda Bara??)

The reason for the change is that I really like the way some blogs are so personal and I wanted mine to way more more personal and a lot less generic. The photo is of my mother taken when she was around two. It is taken on the side yard of the big house my great-grandfather built on the Town Common in Tarboro, NC around 1901. It is my favorite photo of my mom. For her 80th Birthday a couple of years ago it was this photo that I used in the as the front of the invitations.

I worked on the RR last night as I want to get this off to Donna next week, and I will!! Here is a progress snap:

I am really liking this linen, it is called Clay and is just the softest grey colour....I think I need to get some????? I ordered a big chunk of PTP Relic so that I can kit out the CHS Alphabet Kit and Kaboodle. I wonder if I will be around to finish all the projects I want to finish???? Too many things to stitch and not nearly enough time!!!!!

This weekends goals are to finish so that I can send off the Valentines exchange and the Fob exchange....if I write it down it will happen, or at least I think it will happen! :)

I think I need a real bodice ripper picture here......
just one more of dear Theda.....

Have a great weekend!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Love the picture of your mom! I adore old photos, they just have a certain charm to them :)

    The RR is really coming along, you certainly will have it finished and mailed out on schedule!

  2. Love the picture! Your mom looks less than thrilled to be in the goat cart, though...LOL!

  3. Love the new look to your blog - I too adore old photos. There's something about sepia and black and white pics isn't there?

  4. Like the new look blog Edgar! Great photo!
    RR looks fab.

  5. Love the changes to your blog. The RR you're working on is coming along great ;)

  6. I almost didn't recognise you, with your new block frock, lol. Nice pic of your mum as the header. Nice personal touch.

    Great progress pics too!

  7. Love the new look!!
    The RR is looking so great :)

    Have a nice weekend :)

  8. I love the picture of your mom - what a darling little wagon!