Monday, January 14, 2008

Miss Potter, Exchanges and some Forgiveness

As you will have guessed I have finished Miss Potter, what a super stitch!!! I really did enjoy doing this one. I really can't think of a project I haven't enjoyed. Here is a snap of the piece in its finished state.

Well there she is - I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I used 32 ct Vintage Autumn Field with Soie d'Alger #4625 I started this at the beginning of June 2007. The initials are those of my father "EM" (which by the way are my initials as I was named after my dad) and my grandparents "N McC, HM." I was going to work my uncle into it also by his initials wouldn't fit and after twice frogging them out I just decided to add the finish year date. I really enjoyed all the feedback from my ramblings and all the great ideas for the framing. Now I just need to get over to the framers and decide. I am leaning towards some kind of black or dark frame...I do like the idea of a thin gold line included, I may even look into a fillet of some sort, I just need to get over there and make up my mind.

I also had a start. I had kitted up the mate to Serenity, called Forgiveness, a long time ago and so that was the start for the next project. Here is the bit I got done.

I always start in the middle, as I am way too cautious/scared to start in the corner for fear of running out of linen on the other end. Not very much to see. The piece is charted for Vicki Clayton silks and as much as I like them I wanted this to go with Serenity so I recharted the colours in CC and WDW over dyed floss.

I also know that two of the SBBE have arrived so now I can post those pictures.

I had Susan as a partner for the Winter House Exchange and made her a pinkeep from a Prairie Schooler Pattern. I also included some Vera Bradley Stationary that she likes, a chart from her wish list and some Vicki Clayton silk.

For the Winter Quaker Exchange, I had Carol for my partner. Now, she is a person who is one of a handful of my inspirations here in the stitching world, so I was very nervous about what to stitch. Here is a snap.

In fact, if truth be told this was not what I originally made for the exchange. The first thing I made I thought did not really seem that Quaker to me so I put that in the "Drawer of Doom" never to be seen again and made this pinkeep which I am very happy with, and I am elated that Carol is pleased with it. I included a Shepherds Bush needle roll kit an Italian Christmas Mag from her wish list ( I think I will need to get this also) and some Vicki Clayton silk..

I think that about covers it for the weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar you loon....(and I mean that in the most positive of ways :) )
    Anything you would stitch would have to be DIVINE! I couldn't imagine you having a drawer of doom! :) LOL! Sounds like an Indiana Jones movie gone bad! LOL!
    Anyway...I drooled over Carol's exchange and I LOVE Susan's exchange too :) You do such beautiful honestly do and I admire you!

  2. Miss Potter is just beautiful! You must be proud of that one. I think a frame that picks up the thread colors would look divine-something with that rusty color. I love the 2 pieces you stitched for the exchanges and the finishing on both is superb. Great job!

  3. Congratulations on your Miss Potter. It came out just beautiful!! Nice start to Forgiveness, I love this piece, I don't have it in my stash yet, but it will get there. Nice exchange pieces you did also ;)

  4. BP is absolutely gorgeous - well done Edgar. Love the exchange pieces too - excellent finishing. Forgiveness will look wonderful stitched as a companion to BP - will watch progress with interest.

  5. I'm with Vonna 100%!!!! Not on the loon part...hehehe!!!! But that anything you stitch would be divine and NOT for a drawer of doom!!!!!(that actually could be a movie title))) LOL!

    I LOVE both exchanges and I am just so jealous :) :) a good way of course ;-)

    Congratulations on Miss P!!!!!

    ((hugs to you))

  6. Congratulations on finishing MP. A very lovely stitch. Your exchanges are wonderful. Any stitcher would be honored to receive one.

  7. Thanks, Edgar! I totally loved everything about the package you sent me. I've just updated my blog with pictures. You totally rock!

  8. Edgar! Beatrix is gorgeous! When you started yours I started searching frantically for my chart yet again, just because your progress has been so inspiring.

    Your stitching is always beautiful and should not be hidden away in a "drawer of doom" I so love that term.

  9. Congratulations on Miss Potter. She will look lovely in your house no matter how you frame her.

    I think everyone here will agree with me. We would be GLAD to get anything from your Drawer of Doom. It is bound to be excellent, even if YOU don't think so. LOL

  10. Hearty congrats on finishing the fabulous Miss Potter!! Love your exchanges too - any one of us would be thrilled to received such gorgeousness. :)

  11. Carol is inspirational, isn't she? I've also stitched things for her that I didn't feel good enough about sending and have made better 'replacements'. LOL! I love both the exchanges you stitched.

  12. Congratulations on finishing Beatrix! She looks absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to see how you have her framed.

    The exchanges you sent out were wonderful, you really spoiled both ladies.

  13. Your Potter is wonderful I have her all kitted up but have not made the start yet. I love your two exchanges they are lovely, you do excellent work.

  14. Hello Edgar,

    I just discovered your blog. What a beautiful sampler you have made! Wow!

    Greetings, Carolien

  15. Hey Edgar

    Congratulations on finishing Miss Potter...that looks really neat.

    I also love your exchanges and your newest stitching project. Keep up the beautiful stitching...

    Take care
    Linda K

  16. Ooo Miss Potter is lovely. Your exchanges are great too, what wonderful finishing you do.

  17. Wow, congratulations! Your BP is so beautiful!