Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spending that Cash - rain - and Miss Potter

We made it to Needle in a Haystack yesterday after work - through the blowing wind and rain!!! What is it with some people on the road - if it is pouring rain - I mean raining and blowing so hard the you can barely see the next car in front of you - they feel that it is imperative they go 75, 80, or even 90 miles an hour zig zagging through traffic on the freeways????? Oh well , my little whine for the morning, but really SLOW down you fools!!! Yes, I know you can't hear me in my car, as you can barely see me in the tempest blowing around us.

After making it to the shop I had my list out and started to gather up the silk, over dyed floss and linens that I wanted. Here is a snap of most of the haul......

I got out three of the charts that I really wanted to do and kitted them out. From left to right they are - M. Quertier, 1799, Ackworth School 1798 and the Hunt Sampler. I got the first two from ebay and the third I had gotten from Needlecraft Corner a long time ago. For the MQ 1799 piece I will do this one on 32 ct Zweigart - Flax using Silk 'n Colors "Tapestry Green." For the Ackworth Piece I chose Lakeside Linens Vintage Pearled Barley 32 ct using WDW Cocoa & Baby's Breath, Crescent Colours Smoke. For the Hunt Sampler I took the idea of fall colours from Mindi and Margie's Hunt Samplers, they both did them in multiple fall colours that were just beautiful. I also picked up an extra skein of Soie d'Alger burgundy silk, now that I am so close to the finish of BP I wanted to make sure I had enough. I also picked of some other things but those are for presents that I can't show.

We got home pretty later after closing down the shop and having dinner at Tillies Diner, I had a waffle, eggs and sausage, which was delicious by the way.

I did work on BP a little last night while watching Sink the Bismark, 1960. Here is a snap of the progress.

As you can see I finished the flowers and am working towards the last two medallions. I think I will take Vonna's very good suggestion and turn this into a memorial sampler to those I have lost, my grandparents, father and uncle. So all I need to do is to chart those initials out and slap them into the wreaths.

Hi Kristen, that is an interesting thought about people not being impressed by Ste Chap.'s size, but the glorious stained glass, how could you not be knocked over by that. I do know what you mean about not being impressed or even bothering about things. When I was in Beaune on a tour with a bunch of other people, a pretty expensive tour that was supposed to be geared to "art interested people" I was the only one to take the time to visit the Hotel-Dieu, I stood there just gazing at the polyptych of the "Last Judgement" by Rogier van der Weyden( it almost makes you want cry it is so beautiful, majestically glowing in the semi-darkness.....) and I was the ONLY one that took the time to actually go and see this irreplaceable altarpiece. Oh well, what can one do.

I have never been to Ravenna, or even to Assisi. I have been to the northern part of Italy, Milan and seen the Rondanini Pieta, da Vinci's Last Supper and to Padua to see the Cappella Scrovegni to see the Giotto fresco's, just magnificent!!!! We even got over to Venice to see the Bienalle. That trip we were going to try to get to Assisi and Ravenna but chose instead Florence and the and the Cinque Terra . We all wanted to see the Uffizi, Accademia Gallery and the Pitti Palace so Ravenna lost out but it is on the top of the Italy return list as I REALLY want to see those mosaics!!!! Thanks for the link it looks spectacular and is added to the ever growing list!!! :) I love talking about art, after all the curatorial work that I have done in the past, I rarely get to "talk art."

Hi Redwitch, yes I have been to Wells Cathedral and YES, thought it was just beautiful!!!!! I need to go back as I have only been there once, and once is never enough!!! :)

Hi Rowyn - thanks for letting me know about JEMs, I will certainly get there as what would be a vacation without some shopping!!

I think that about wraps it up for today, Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Looks like a great haul you've brought home with you - looks like you'll have a number of stunning projects soon on the go :)

  2. Oh, the charts and thread colors are making me drool! They are just so lovely, and I want them all...can't wait so see them as you stitch.

  3. Lovely stash! Will look forward to seeing you stitch them up :)

    (I had another thought too - Hereford Cathedral has a chained library and a Mappa Mundi. I haven't been myself. For shame!)

    I have seen lots of the same places/peices of art in Italy though. My other half loves Renaissance art, I'm afraid I have a v.bad memory for details and need to be reminded of what we have seen which I feel just terrible about. Assisi is lovely, not made it to Ravenna yet.

  4. We went to the Venice Biennale in 2005. I'm surprised that you wanted to go there as it is very, very modern, which matches our interests better than renaissance or Victorian art. Unfortunately we went in July after a cruise and were steamed alive. We loved Venice, but it was hot. We would like to return to the Biennale in 2009, but in October when it will be much less warm.

  5. You are very nearly done with the Potter Sampler aren't's a wonderful idea to make it a memorial sampler :) That wasn't all my idea...but hey "You like me, you really like me!" :)

    Looks like you did a great haul there in the old is the gift certificates all gone?!

  6. Very nice stash!! I love the colors you're going to do the Hunt Sampler in.

    Your BP looks great, I love the idea of putting your father's and grandparents initials in the piece ;)

  7. Wow Edgar! You kitted up some of my favorite charts. I've been looking at M. Quertier and the 1798 Sampler for a while. Knowing my luck, I'll keep looking at them and they'll go OOP. I'm looking forward to seeing the colors you picked for Hunt Sampler.

    Beatrix is looking lovely, and so close to a finish! I'm just like you when I'm that close, I get tunnel vision.

  8. Thru wind, sleet or snow...nothing can stop a stitcher from getting to the LNS with a gift certificate in hand, LOL!

    You sure have a decision to make with all your yummy new stash, which one will you start first?

    And you are just zipping through BP! It looks fabulous!!!

  9. Sorry about the dumb drivers! They are everywhere! haha Good stashing I see! How's your rr coming along? Don't worry, I'm not ready for you to send to me, I am stitching for my SBBC friend! She has a Feb. birthday! So I need to time to stitch for her! Have a great day Edgar!

  10. Hi Edgar,

    Can't blame you for wanting to see the Uffizi!

    Great stash - I especially love that Tapestry Green silk!

  11. I can't wait to see what you do with the Hunt Sampler! And I love the other stash. The colors you picked for the Ackworth piece.

  12. Looked like it was worth the weather, Edgar! A wonderful group of kits in luscious colors - yum!
    Reading about your Italian trips: we're about to spend holiday in Umbria, and can't wait to return!