Monday, January 21, 2008

RR finshed for mailing....a bit o'stitching "Forgiveness"

I finished my block of Janice's RR and have it packed for mailing tomorrow. The modified pattern I used was "Acorn Hill." Janice wanted a Fall/Autumnal theme throughout her RR and what says fall more than pumpkins? Here is a snap of the block as completed.

And here is a snap of the RR as it stands with My and Lizzy's squares completed.

I also got a tiny bit of stitching on "Forgiveness" in last night and here is a snap of the buds I completed.....

I did this stitching while watching Northanger Abby on Masterpiece Theatre. I really enjoyed this adaptation. This came on after the final episode of "The Amazing Race." I am glad the Rachel and TK won. I think this is the first race that all three finalist racing towards $1,000,000 finish are all rather nice people and not the usual nasty self involved horrible pieces of work that end up at running the last leg of the race.

Here are the winners - TK & Rachel.
I think the best thing about them winning is that they really played a nice calm game. Usually the teams are just nasty mean and horrible and the nice teams are eliminated. They also had no real meltdown or screaming fights as the other teams did. I know this makes better TV but really....some of the things that go on, I can just imagine what they are like when the camera is not going.

That's about it, Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

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  1. That is a most beautiful NRR - I love your modified Acorn Hill!

  2. Love the RR - very autumnal indeed, it looks great!

    And, rather belatedly, I love the new banner on your blog - what a gorgeous photo of your mum!

  3. wow, I love the RR! Actually all of them have been wonderful .. I've really enjoying watching you all stitching on them :)

    Don't you just love TK and Rachel! AR is one of my all time favorite shows .. and this year was truly the first time I liked all three of the final teams .. I would love to hear what TK and Rachel are planning to do with their winnings.

  4. I just love to look at your stitching! Nice job!

    I'm glad TK and Rachel won as is nice to see apparently nice people finish first.

  5. That is such a cute RR! I think it's one of the nicest I've seen.

    You made a super job of your square Edgar and you're right, the pumpkins were perfect.

  6. I love it :) The RR looks great!!

  7. I'll be looking for the rr! Looks good! Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. The RR is great - love the pumpkins. I have no idea who TK and Rachel are but it sounds a fun show.

  9. What a great RR! Your House is beautiful! I love it!! :)

  10. Your RR looks great.

    I agree with you on the three final teams. Even though I was cheering for Ron and Chris, I'm not upset that TK and Rachel won. I would have been happy with either team winning