Friday, January 25, 2008

Christmas Quaker and a Bridge

We went shopping at Cosco last night. This mega store with their mega sized products is a place that I would rather never set foot in again. I mean really, who needs to buy gallons of mayonnaise or ketchup on a regular basis??!? Or, does one really need to buy a flat of muffins that are themselves each bigger than a head of lettuce? I guess if you have a large family then it would be a good place to go. We needed to go there as we are having a party this weekend and yes, there is a place for purchasing large quantities of things and party time is the time. We used a friends membership card to get in. After stopping off at a little Japanese take out place for some Udon we finally got home pretty late.

I did work some on Quaker Christmas and here is a snap of the progress.

And, while stitching away I watched the last part of Anna Karenina, 1935 with the great Greta Garbo and then it was on to Waterloo Bridge, 1940 with Vivien Leigh. What great movies!!!! If you have never had the chance to see them they are worth watching!!!

They are filming Milk in the Castro. Well, I go through this area every day changing from the underground Muni to the #35 Bus to get home. They have painted and "fixed" lots of the store fronts to resemble the 1970's Castro. Yesterday they were holding up buses and traffic for filming. Very interesting but it was pouring rain and I would rather get home than have to stand around while someone screams "Lights, Camera, action." In Fact...Rico was down at Cliffs, the hardware store in the Castro, yesterday afternoon and had a Sean Penn and Police protection sighting. I heard that filming was going to be going on for the next couple of weeks until the middle of February. I'll see if I can get some pictures of something and post them here.

Aside from the party this Saturday, I am really excited about going to the Legion of Honor to see the Marie Antoinette Exhibit. I am in addition to a giant Anglophile a gigantic Francophone also!!! San Francisco is the only venue for this exhibit and it is leaving shortly so I need to get to it sooner than later!!! It is great to live in this city sometimes!

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  1. We don't have Costco, but we have SAM'S and coming from a woman with a passel of kids, it's a great place, not so when there are only a couple of people trying to consume some of the stuff they sell in those quantities though! LOL! You're right GREAT for parties ;)
    Your Quaker is looking great! And how exciting to see filming....
    Scenes from "A League of Their Own" was filmed in Evansville, IN and surrounding counties (I'm from there/grew up there) well anyway, we had a Madonna sighting in my wee hometown of Haubstadt, IN. She wanted to eat in a Steak House there and it was a Monday evening and closed...she was not a happy camper and later in the month, she was quoted as saying that Evansville was "worse than the Soviet Union" because she couldn't get MTV, on the cable! LOL! Ahhh...drama!

  2. OK, so Vonna already wrote pretty much what I was going to say...

    Ditto on Sam's. We don't buy everything there, but the items that we eat a lot of - granola bars, Lipton Tea, some produce - Sam's has some pretty good deals. Plus they have the *best* soft pretzels in their deli. When we were younger and in Girl Scouts, the leaders would always go to Sam's to stock up for any camping trips.

    And ditto on "A League of Their Own" (since Vonna and I are from the same area). Some of the people from my high school were extras in the movie. It was a really big deal that year when they were filming. And I remember Madonna not liking it there...ah well, that's just her opinion! I happen to like it!

  3. Poor Edgar. I don't like huge grocery stores or Walmart, but I do love Costco. We started going there in Maui because there were no large stores of any other kind. We kept going because we do run a lot of parties, but even without parties we go about once a month. When we were there last we got new tires, two paperback thrillers, a travel book about Spain, a bag of Romaine, Kleenex, dishwasher capsules, new kitchen towels, a DVD (JFK), and a 2Gg Compact Flash card. Their electronic prices are good as are their DVD prices. We get most of our DVDs there. Yes, we skip the giant muffins and most of the food samples. The trick is to know what you want, get it and get out.

  4. QC is looking fabulous!

    I also shop at Sams when I come over - I can get ink cartridges for my printer and dvds much cheaper than here in the UK. I also brought 2 iPod Nanos at a much cheaper price than the Apple Store. I have to borrow a card from my friends too!

    They often film here in Deal and they turned Dover Castle into a Danish castle for Mel Gilbsons Hamlet. I drove past many times on the way to work and back again but didn't once see Mel - oh well his loss as he didn't see me either!!

    A lot of actors have homes here in Deal too so its not unusual to have 'sightings' here.

  5. Edgar ~ Your Quaker Christmas looks wonderful.

    I never liked going to those types of stores either and I have a large family. But where do you put a gallon of mayo that's been opened? My frig wouldn't have enough room.

    Have a good weekend ;)

  6. Have a great weekend, hope the party goes well!
    QC is just so gorgeous

  7. I'm so glad you picked up Quaker Christmas again. I am going to work on mine again tonight. I am no fan of Cosco or B.J.'s or any such club either :-) A gallon of mayo does not sound like much of a healthy thing, that is for sure.

  8. Oh, I love Costco but I guess having 3 kids change your perspective somewhat. I still don't get the barrels of mayo either, maybe restaurants get them. Their soups there are great, they come in little plastic tubs.

    Your Quacker looks so pretty!

  9. This is many days later, but had to laugh at your references to Costco! Of course, it's pretty much my staple store, lol, I go every week. It's always a party at my house! :D