Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Exchange finishing and some stash

Last night I worked exclusively on the HoE scissor fob that did not quite finish. :( I wanted to post it today but it will have to wait for posting until Thursday, then it will be winging its way to a far corner of the world.......

After work we did get a chance to visit my LNS, Needle in a Haystack. They are closed on Mondays, but we hooked up with Sweet Mary who works there and she graciously opened the shop special for us!!! Now I call that super-de-duper customer service!!!!! It is a very odd sensation to shop as she put it "like a rock star." Being the only people in the shop and getting such personalized service, what a treat. Here is a partial picture of what I acquired.

Sorry the picture is so dark in the corner like that but you can get the idea of the acquisitions. The list includes, "A Walk in the Woods," "Christmas Wishes," "#3 Hope Perches" and the Christmas Design Magazine Un Natale da Ricamore. All of these things I have seen on others blogs and I knew when I first saw them I would need to add to the stash.

The magazine of Christmas patterns "Un Natale..." I picked up for Carol and the package I got together for the SBEBB Winter Quaker Exchange. When I perused the wonderful designs I knew I needed to get one. Why I didn't just get it last time I was over is a mystery. Since then I have quietly been obsessing over this little delight. In fact Mary at first couldn't find it as it was the last copy, but after searching around finally turned it up and slam bang into the basket it went!! The "Hope Perches" I saw on Rachel's Blog. She made it up like the charts suggests as a sweet little pillow......my thoughts are to create/chart a border of crows and hearts and include it in the design.... but who knows...I need to mull it over for a while. The other things not pictured that I picked up are for small prezzies in upcoming packages.

After shopping we three took off for a Japanese place down the street and had some delicious Sushi!!! I should say that Mary and I had delicious Sushi and Rico had a bento box of Teriyaki Chicken, since he does not like seafood in any form he opted out.

It has gotten very cold here and we even heard there were supposed to be snow flurries here in the city......all I saw was a ton of cold blowing rain - not a flake in sight!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. Love your new charts! How fun to shop like a rock start...if only we all had a rock star's bank acct to spend too, lol!

  2. Yay! Great stash - especially that pretty Italian ornament book - thank you ever so much again for that one!

  3. Great new stash choices! Love 'em all!

  4. What service from your LNS! I shop with them online and always get great service. Now if I could only visit them for real ... sigh ... one day maybe.

  5. Loving your stash! I'm going to have to get my hands on a "Hope Perches"--I haven't seen that one anywhere yet. And I love your square (both squares) on the RR.

  6. Edgar, as always you've been busy while I was away from blogs for a few days. I love seeing all of the pictures of your WIPs and exchanges.

    You're so right about Mary. She helped me when I visited the store last week, and was so patient about my pickiness when it came to choosing fabric. She also went above and beyond and printed off some maps for me so I wouldn't get lost driving to Muir Woods and over the Golden Gate Bridge. You're lucky to have such a customer friendly store near you.

  7. Ohhh, you're going to love A Walk in the Woods! That's one of my all-time favorites.