Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All about Images

I finished up one and then 3/4's of the exchanges. i need to run to Britex after work to get another color of something as the colour I got originally I now do not like. But, I like going to Britex so that will be fun.

I still want to post and yesterday reading around blog-land I found on Annie's Blog over at Sampler Post a fun Google search.

What you do is answer the questions and type in the answers into Google images search and post the first picture that pops up, which can be hard!! So here goes:

Age at next birthday

A place you would like to visit

Favorite Place

Favorite Object

Favorite Food
These are Pontefract Cakes, licorice

Favorite animal

Favorite Colour

Name of a past pet

Where I live

1st Grade Teacher

Middle name

Bad Habit

Favorite Flower

Favorite Holiday

There you go, my life in pictures from the internet.......

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Take care,


  1. Could not tell from the picture what the favorite food is...

  2. I was going to post mine on Saturday, but you share my favorite holiday. What's your favorite food? It looks like something your favorite animal left! Also, we had a dog named Humphrey, but not after Bogart. My mother is just sick.

  3. Hey, you look great in pictures!!! LOL! Very fun :)

  4. I didn't know what 'Britex' meant so I googled it and what a fabulous store it turned out to be!! I recognised the Pontefract cakes - liquorice - you either love it or hate it! Yuk