Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Little Unwrapping

 Gentle Friends, over the past week I've been watching quite a few films, both my "wrapped" films and some on TCM.....  let's talk about the unwrapping...  First up is a film I saw originally when it released...

Santa Claus the Movie - 1985 - a fun film with lots of back story about Santa, an evil toy maker played by John Lithgow and Dudley Moore as an elf.  I can't remember the last time I watched it but it was a fun film to unwrap!!

You know how I love the Nutcracker and I've got multiple versions...

...the one I unwrapped was a beautiful version... the 2009 Royal Opera House production with Miyako Yoshida as the Sugarplum Fairy and Steve Mcrea as the Prince.. a lovely production with little variations to the story here and there that make it special.

Next to unwrap ...
... the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street.. a classic if ever there was one!!

Then I pulled a newer film called "The Man Who Invented Christmas" 2017... a fictionalized version of the writing of "A Christmas Carol" a fun film with lots of Charles Dickes (mostly correct) backstory...  then on Friday  I pulled out...

"White Christmas" 1954 a real Christmas favorite of mine that I can watch over and over!!  

Last night's pick was...

... Disney's "A Christmas Carol" 2009... one of my favorite stories of Christmas and I've so got many versions of ACC that this will be popping up again... I really like this poster image for this film the use of the flame of the Ghost of Christmas Past to create the image of Scrooge so effective!

Right now as I type this Post on TCM is playing "Meet me in St Loius" 1944 a film I've seen dozens of times... and which wraps up with that iconic song...

There you go sports fans.  A Sunday Post to catch up on movies... 
I'll post again in the morning some stitchin' so stay tuned!  and Stay Sfae!

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  1. Watched The Bishop's Wife last night with Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Nivan a yearly favorite along with White Christmas and Holiday Inn.

  2. Great movies, Edgar - unfortunately I seem to be too busy atm to get to my Christmas viewing - sigh!

  3. That is one of my favorite Christmas songs - but it has to be this version. Thanks to my SO's company's fondness of reorganizations and transfers, the lines about absent friends and how "we'll have to muddle through somehow" really speak to me.

  4. I would say you have had a wonderful weekend of viewing!! Tonight I will finish Coming To America. What do you plan to do with yours? Are you framing it? I used 36 count and it is very long!!!!

  5. I was reading your post and I just had to order a copy of White Christmas as I have yet to see it on TV this year.

  6. It sounds like you have been enjoying your wrapped movies, Edgar. Thanks for sharing what you have been watching!

  7. Schnikies! You've gotten a great deal of movie watching in! I have yet to see one this year. I need to get to it...perhaps I will be able to this evening. My Christmas spirit is sadly MIA this year again...perhaps that will help. I love Santa Claus the movie...The beginning is just pure magical and exactly what I envision Santa's beginnings to be. ACC is my all-time favorite...and at the very peak of those favorites is the version with George C just isn't Christmas until I see that. I have not heard of The Man Who Invented Christmas...sounds like one I would really enjoy... I am definitely going to look it up!!! Thanks for sharing.... ~Robin~

  8. I watched all (12) of my versions of ACC so on to others. Got to say one of my favorites is The muppets Christmas..".Light the lamp not the rat!!!!" I loved The man who invented Christmas a new favorite. I just ordered Call me Claus, with Whoppi Goildberg. I saw it a while back it was nice.Then on to Doctor Who's Christmas specials.

  9. So far we've watched "White Christmas" and "The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2". Actually I've seen the Chronicles twice, once with Dan and yesterday with the Grands. Next up is "Jingle Jangle" with the Grands. And of course, I've watched dozens of Hallmark Christmas movies so far. They're great to stitch to!