Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Little more Christmas, a Little bit o'framing and a Delicious bit of Fast Food!!

 Gentle Freinds, as you may recall, and if you've been reading my blatherings for any amount of time and especially during the Christmas Season... I do love me some German treats...Lebkuchen, Pffernuse, Stollen, vanillekipferl the list goes on... and for the longest time, I've really wanted to try my hand at making what always hits the top of my list... Lebkuchen.  I've held off making it as there are 100's and I mean 100's variations of what is basically a gingerbread taken up a notch or two!  This year I stumbled on what looked like a recipe I could manage, and turn out a close proximity to what I like and can at Lehrs (a local store that only sells German things and it is totally fabulous at Christmas!!  

So I gathered together everything.  During the day yesterday, I did some preliminary sifting, grinding of nuts and finely chopping all the dried fruit and candied peel... it really pays off to be working from home!!  Then last night I pulled it all together et voila...

... a pretty darn good "bar" Lebkuchen.  Even as I was getting everything together and mixing and beating I was tweaking the recipe here and there.  They turned out nice, spicy, and chewy.  EVEN Rico ate one... he commented on how nice they are... and he really does not care for gingerbread type things... like ever!  Now that I've made this version would I make it again... probably not, the next time I make lebkuchen I'll buy the oblaten wafers and go with a more traditional ground almond flour than white flour version.

I know I've shown you a completed snap of this but here it is framed up and ready for being gifted yesterday...

I went with a more homey oak frame than I normally would.  I like how it turned out!

On Tuesday I had to take the Mini-Cooper in for an oil change, and to fix the headlights... and near my mechanic who btw is really a super guy, Robert at Action Auto, there is a McDonalds.... where this is leading ...when I Uber-ed back to pick up the car I ran through the drive-through to get some dinner...

... I knew they had the McRib back and I had to have one, I actually got two.  The second one I had for lunch yesterday.  I have loved this dang sandwich since it first came out when I was in High School.  It hasn't been here in SF for quite a few years and I wasn't going to miss my chance... Rico won't eat one so I got him a Big Mac...  I know it's fake meat covered it too sweet bar-b-que sauce but it brings back all sorts of memories for me and over the years I have become a nut waiting for them.  I actually, check out the "McRib Locator" website, yes there is a website of sightings, every now and then just to see who is able to get this little bit of ambrosia of the gods!!!!!  

Everything was great with the car but he told me that my tires are needing to be changed as they are on the downside of their lives... that's looking at $600 + dollars.... which will have to wait until after Christmas for sure!

There you go sports fans a wacky kind of week and edgar's posting quite a bit!!  
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  1. Your German treats look wonderful. Like, Rico, I don't love gingerbread but I would try one of yours!! Sorry about he tires,we went through that last year!

  2. Forgot to say how beautiful your framed piece looks. What a wonderful gift. It must be for a very special person.

  3. Your baked goods always look so dang good. Always. That icing on top. Yum. If I were there that plate wouldn't be as full as it is. I love anything gingerbread. The McRib? I have never had one. Ambrosia of the gods. LOL! I'll have to try one someday. Of course I've been saying that for 30 years sooo... I'm with Rico, give me a big Mac instead. Have a good one!

  4. The Lebkuchen looks fabulous, Edgar. Love gingerbread! I love the frame you picked for your piece. Well done! Glad you were able to enjoy your McRib sandwich. Have a good weekend!

  5. What a beautiful framed piece, Edgar. My husband loves the McRib too. He just left to get dinner at McDonald's for the Grands who are spending the night. Guess I know what he'll come home with! haha

  6. Those bar Lebkuchen look absolutely delicious. I would love to make them, but that will have to wait until are more people around to eat them. My waistline is expanding as it is. I love the way the framing turned out for that gorgeous cross-stitch. I never had a McRib and I am not sure that I want to. There is a local rib place nearby that is a much better option. Stay safe and enjoy the season.

  7. What a beautiful gift that will be! I often wonder how you finish all your amazing pieces and what you do with them (well, you have hinted at a "done stitching/not "finished" stash, but still I have wondered as I know they can't all go there.) The Lebkuchen looks amazing...I can't say I have had it ever...nor any of the other treats you mentioned...even during my time in Germany (which was, in fact, during Christmas). Ahhh...McDonald's...I happen to be a huge fan LOL unfortunately...although I don't care for bbq so would never like the McRib. I really loved the all day breakfast option....but wit the pandemic, that is no longer an option here. And I also loved the Big Mac Jr....They had it for a limited time, then discontinued it...brought it back, and it's gone again. ~Robin~