Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Little More Libera

 Gentle Friends, one of my favorite carols of the season "In the Bleak Midwinter" 

... once again sung by Libera... 

 From a poem by Christina Rosetti in 1872, with Harold Drake's music from 1911... I love the imagery of the words and the slow pace which is so necessary for remembering what this time of Advent and the Season are really all about... and it's just a simply gorgeous piece! Enjoy!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Thank you Edgar, what a beautiful piece!

  2. Also two of my favorite things! I had the great pleasure of hearing Libera perform in the Cathedral of St Paul, Minnesota - it was spectacular!

  3. I love that Christmas song, but I believe they are doing the Gustav Holst music rather than the music by Harold Darke. (The Holst is my favorite version.)


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