Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Little More Unwrapping...

 Gentle Friends, last night after fiddling between two wrapped films... luck had that I got to unwrap...

... "Remember the Night" 1940, starring Fred MacMurray , Babara Stanwyck, and Beulah Bondi.  I really enjoyed this film and have for the past few years after discovering it on TCM.  I  think it is superior to "Christmas in Connecticut" which, BTW, I also really enjoy!  But, where CiC is a kinda typical screwball film, RtN is warm and really tugs at the heart as you see Barbara's character grow.  My only complaint is the end, as it leaves you a tiny bit hanging but that's alright.  Directed by Mitchel Leisen and with strong performances by Sterling Hollway and Elizabeth Patterson you just can't go wrong with this wonderfully written (screenplay by Preston Sturges) film!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Thanks for the movie recommendation, Edgar. I have never seen this one, so will look for it.

  2. I've not seen or heard of this one and will hunt it down and check it out. I do enjoy your reviews and recommendations. I did watch The Man Who Invented Christmas and enjoyed it. ~Robin~ (EEK...don't think I have ever seen Barbara Stanwyck this young!!!) ~Robin~