Friday, December 18, 2020

A Fun Film

 Gentle Friends, last night was a double feature... staring off the evening with...

..."National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" 1989.  It's a film I see large chunks of every year as it is shown on many channels at many times throughout the season.  I rarely watch it all the way through and really haven't in many years.  It was a treat to just sit and watch the hijinks!!


I followed up Christmas Vacation with...

"A Christmas Carol" 1999 with Patrick Stewart as Ebenezer Scrooge.  It's a fine interpretation and Stewart does his usual top-notch job throughout.


There you go sports fans.  So... I'm off for the next two weeks on a little staycation.  But, with me working at the dining room table will I really be off.... probably not, as I can't help but answer the voicemails and emails and whatnot.  I'll be posting here off and on so stay tuned!!  and Stay Safe!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!



  1. I don't recall seeing this version of ACC... Another one to hunt down as I think I am somewhat addicted to ACC LOL. I have never cared for Christmas Vacation although I don't believe I've ever watched it all the way through either. Happy Friyay Edgar.... ~Robin~

  2. Great choices! I have not seen that Patrick Stewart version of a Christmas Carol. I am reading "Mr. Dickens and His Carol." So far it is proving to be a very good book!

  3. Super choices to watch! Happy weekend and enjoy your staycation, Edgar!

  4. What a great combination! That version of "carol" is my favorite. The Grands were over yesterday and we decided a movie marathon was in order. They chose the "Santa Clause" trilogy. I have to admit that I saw "The Santa Clause" when it first came out and I did not like it at all (not a huge Tim Allen fan). I haven't seen it since. Until yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the movies. Maybe it was because the Grands enjoy them so much. Or maybe it has something to do with getting older... hahaha

  5. I love the audio version of Patrick Stewart reading A Christmas Carol and listen to it every year.


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