Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Little Stash

Gentle Friends, I do enjoy buying new stash, whether or not I can ever stitch it is another issue...
but buying some stash keeps me happy.  
Here are the bits I got lately mostly from the recent Nashville Market...

... I picked up the last two sections of this long sampler from Shakespeare's Peddle...  I really like "Jenny's House" ... and now with all the pieces together it'll make a nice project at some point...

... how could I pass on this great sheep sampler from Plum Street.... and the "Quaker" inspired sampler from Needle and Thread is really charming!!... and that's a super-duper border!!

I've also picked up "Littel Birds" from BBD and the 40ct linen to work it - love it!!   - and -  the newest chart in the Noah's Christmas Ark series Llamas and Lovebirds!

I couldn't pass on NeedleworkPress' "Sarah Barker" - another great border!!  At the same time, I snapped up copies of "One Nation" and "Salem Sisters II."

... although there were other BBD designs, these were the four that appealed to me...
love me some BBD!!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!! Stay Safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Gobsmacked and overwhelmed.... Knowing you, Edgar, these will not remain stash very long, but will become a long display of finished works... Carry on !!

  2. I hear ya! Stash shopping is good or the soul; I've got enough for 2 lifetimes. Happy Stitching.

  3. I think you got some fabulous charts! I hope to see some of them all stitched up in the future! Enjoy your new stash.

  4. Some well-chosen additions I'd say... Since my stash already has enough for more than several natural (and otherwise) lifetimes, I tried to behave with the NM releases...but I, too, love me some BBD....I got "Oh Joyous Day," "We Live in Hope," and "Sewing Club"....but thinks I need that "Little Birds"...and I really like that "One Nation" by ByGone Stitches. Great choices! ~Robin~

  5. Well, you certainly have enough to keep you going for a while. Buying stash makes me very happy indeed, the thing is that if you don't buy it when you see it then it may go out of print and you are stuck forever. Enjoy looking at it all. x

  6. Lovely additions to the collection, Edgar!

  7. You have great taste. I have some of the same charts picked out but haven't placed an order for my stash yet. I want all the BB designs, but haven't finished the ones from last year. Is that ok to order more. The weather here has been beautiful so I have been stitching on my porch. Happy stitching

  8. Wow, you really added a lot to your stash. I will enjoy watching you work on these.

  9. You got some great stash! Yes, it helps to keep one happy at this time. I have several of the ones you chose. I have just loved doing " A Savior's Praise". It is big and I think I am about 2/3rds finished. I love the Jenny Bean ones but not sure what I could do with such a long design. Any ideas?

  10. Great finds! I have One Nation in my stash and I really need to dig it out and stitch on it. Maybe when I finish this year's Christmas stockings...

  11. Wow! Edgar, that is fabulous stash - I am so envious. Have a wonderful time stitching these. Like Vicki, I have One Nation as a WIP somewhere, so I, too, must dig it up.

  12. Loved your stash acquisitions, Edgar! i have never seen "One Nation" before. Great choices!