Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Finish and a Film

Gentle Friends, so I've worked the puzzle over the last few days...

... and I finished it up last night.  I found the second puzzle we had had but it's about 2 inches too big for the card table and I'm working on the dining room table every day so it'll have to wait until a later time.  I really enjoyed it and will have to get online and order a couple smaller sized that'll fit!!

I'm making some real headway on the little coverlet piece but I forgot to get a snaperoo.... 
maybe tomorrow...

Monday the mails brought some DVD and blu rays' I had ordered and one of them is a film I  really wanted to add to the heap of films I already have...
I Know Where I'm Going! (1945) - IMDb
... released in 1945 it's a wonderful love story about a determined young woman played by Wendy Hiller on her way to the far northern fictitious isle of Kiloran to get married to an older rich industrialist. She gets all the way to the jumping-off point to the island and bad weather sets in.  It's while she's waiting for the weather to clear she meets a local also waiting to get to the island and a romance ensues.  It's wonderfully shot in the Scottish highlands.  Look for Petula Clark as a young girl in the film. I highly recommend the film!!

Still SIP here by the Bay!  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!  Stay safe!!

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  1. Puzzle looks great! Thanks for the film recommendation. Enjoy today!

  2. That film looks so good. I love films made in Scotland and the theme sounds like a fun one. What a fancy puzzle! Great job!

  3. Fun puzzle... Wow...I am so impressed that you compared the size of your table and puzzle beforehand...Umm, that would be an afterthought for me LOL. Thanks for the film recommendation....sounds like another I would like so will be checking it out. Stay well! ~Robin~

  4. What a gorgeous scene with your puzzle finish, Edgar! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the coverlet stitch! It sounds like a good movie; will have to see if we can find it somewhere.