Monday, April 13, 2020

A Sarah Wodham Finish

Gentle Friends, so I wrapped up and put in the last stitches on Miss Sarah last night.  She has been a really fun stitch ... even the over one verse - a bit tedious - but well worth it in the end!!  Here's a snap...

Sarah Woodham 1770 - from Shakespeare's Peddler
1/13/20 - 4/12/20
Overdyed Cotton Conversion - 40 ct LL Buttercream

 The only changes I made were to work on some of the spacing in the verse, and the chain stitching for the two large girl's hair.  I chain stitched the one on the left and didn't like it much so I frogged it out and then restitched it over one and like it much better.  

I think I'll pull out a WIP and stitch on that tonight so I'll try and post that next week...

Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. That sampler is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the over one but not sure my eyes could do it even with my magnifiers.

  2. Nice finish, not sure I could have done all that over one

  3. The sampler is amazing - love the colors! Will you have this framed soon or,
    is your framer opened at this time?
    Hope you guys aren't stir crazy or have cabin fever!
    Many blessings....

  4. Fabulous work. I am impressed by the one over one work, I did an alphabet on my last sampler that way and found it to be very challenging indeed. x

  5. Love your Finish - this is so beautiful....

    Hope that you are staying safe and staying well....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Buttercup

  6. Well done on your sampler finish, Edgar! She is a beauty!

  7. We just knew this would be a grand finish...what an achievement, Edgar
    Looking forward to your next on the agenda. Stay safe and content...…

  8. This is just gorgeous Edgar!!! Happy stitching and stay safe!

  9. I love how this came out. It is beautiful.

  10. Wow...just WOW! This is incredible! I have not seen this design before, but am smitten with the colors and symmetry. Am I reading that correctly that you did this in just 3 months' time??? Truly impressed! Stay well ~ Robin