Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Little Coverlet

Gentle Friends, so I made a little start on...

..."Coverlet Candle Mat" from Scarlett House.  It was from a club I was in called Colonial Gatherings back in 2014.  It came as a kit and I had just stuck the whole thing away.  Digging around recently it surfaced and started it up.  It came with everything but the linen that was included was not to my liking so I frogged all I had done and found a piece in my stash that I like better. The picture is not good as the linen I'm working on is a warmer beige than it looks.

We made a quick run to Target in South SF this morning when it opened at 7 to pick up some paper towels... none to be had in the City... and then ran through the drive-through at Carls Jr for some breakfast.  Now we're hunkering down inside for the rest of the day to watch some films on TCM.

Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!  Stay Safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Goods!


  1. Ooh, great colors so far. I'm eager to follow along on your progress on this one.

  2. I hope that you both have a fabulous week!

  3. I love the new start. I am lucky enough to own two antique coverlets. I purchased them several years ago when we lived in Louisville. They are much more available in that part of the country at good antique shows or shops.

  4. Good start on the coverlet piece, Edgar!

  5. It's looking great. I could not even see the holes to stitch on this, it's such a fine count. As I have slipped into my fifthties my eyes think they are one hundred and fifty...but I make due with 14 count (I know I just heard a huge gasp as everyone ready that). :) Your work is always so lovely. Wishing you a most lovely day. :)

  6. Congrats on the paper toweling score LOL...none to be had here either... Sigh. I like the unusual colors of this...anxious to see it come to life. Take good care ~ Robin