Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stitchin' Stuff

GR&DF I do thank you so much for the nice comments about yesterdays post!! I had a couple of emails about my Granny's stemware - the pattern is Persian Pheasant and was made by Tiffin Glass - and they date to 1929 or so. My grandparents eloped so I am not sure if they were bought in 1929 or 1930.

I wanted to post a couple more of the exchanges that have made it to their new homes.... First up is an ornament I stitched for the year long Christmas Ornament Swap - my Partner was Rosalie and when I read her likes and dislikes I knew immediately what I wanted stitch up for her - here is a snap -

The chart is from Mary Garry's - Seasonal Mementos - "December." Stitched on a mystery piece of linen using the recommended DMC floss. I love these great little MG charts and will probably try and make them all.

I was asked what I have been photographing the ornaments on lately - it is a bunch of dried curly willow - I didn't have a tree up yet and I think the ornaments photograph better when hanging.

The second piece to make it overseas was an Angel stitch I did for Sari - her partner in the SBBC totally flaked - I read that she likes sheep - and I knew exactly what I wanted to make her for her Birthday - here is a snap...

This piece is from Prairie Schooler book #2 "Country Fair." The piece is stitched on a Solo Piece of Silkweaver linen using the recommended DMC Floss. Here is a snap of the little extras I included....

Even though this came months after her Birthday Sari was so kind and patient about it - Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

I know I said I wasn't going to get any stash and work from what I have but just like any addiction I just couldn't help myself..... I reeeeally need a fix!!! Here's what showed up yesterday...

I had to have the two Shakespeare Peddler Jenny Bean charts - how great are they!! Then I saw a finished "With My Needle" by Goode Huswife over on Nicole's Blog - she does some beautiful things!! I knew immediately I needed this one!! I just love Reindeer things and the "EN 1815 Sampler" by Heartstring Primitives fit the bill. Then how could I pass on the two newest Stocking charts - "September" and October" by BBD - I have all the other ones and I wouldn't want to break up the set!!

The mail also brought a treat from a dear stitcher - Simone - I dropped a little Holiday treat to her and she reciprocated with...

Some Honey Drop - now, we all know my fondness for the black stuff and this honey type is just great!!! Thank you so much dear Simone!!

Last night I only did a little black box stitching on the letter C on the ABC Sampler - so no snap of that.

There you go sports fans!! Thanks for stopping by do come again!!

Take care,


  1. Pretty ornament for Rosalie - looks great against the curly willow!

  2. Beautiful work Edgar. And I just love your finishing on the ornament.

    And of course new stash always makes the day better. :)

  3. Such lovely gifts you have made Edgar! Your work is always beautiful. Enjoy that new stash!

  4. You always make such lovely exchanges! Beautiful work as always. And stash -- we all need a stash fix once in a while. :D

  5. Fantastic exchanges.

    And I want your stash! hahaha.

  6. Beautiful work, Edgar! I especially like that Mary Garry ornament--it's in my stack to do. Love the new stash, too!

  7. I am plying catch-up on the blog reading today and just had to tell you how much I love the ornies from all your exchanges...and the way you have them displayed for the snaps! Very inventive!

    Glad you & Rico had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family...and the stemware is gorgeous!

    New stash!! You deserve it Edgar, enjoy...


  8. Beauiful gifts!! Anyone would be happy to receive a package from you! I recently finished up my Jenny Bean's Halloween -- you'll love it!

  9. WOW - I've just caught up with your last 3 posts.
    Your stitching and gifts are stunning Edgar! The love and care that is so evident in the stitched pieces you send out is marvellous.

    I love the stemware! Any excuse to get it out is good - use it more often - it reeks with quality, class, and good memories - to which your last feast has been added.

    Thank you also for your lovely photos of what to many is just ordinary neighbourhood. It opens our eyes around the world.

    Enjoy your new stash - I shall be watching eagerly to see these stitched up in the new year.

  10. Of course as I clicked publish - I realise I was sending a comment as my son...whoops - Johnsb is really me! (I blame it on being 6:30am!) really!

  11. your thanksgiving looks beautiful
    stitching lovely as always
    your generosity inspires

  12. Your finishes are amazingly gorgeous! Love those "happy mail" days when stash gets delivered. Those are great charts.

  13. Beautiful stitches.
    What a lovely angel gift you stitched.
    And that new stash - know where you are coming from. When I get restless the buying finger gets itchy lol.

  14. Beautiful stitching as always, Edgar. You could always consider your stash to be a collection. ;)

  15. What another joy-enducing post from you! So much goodness all in one blog! I first became aware of Mary Garry when I saw a little Hallowe'en design similar in size to this--how darling it is! I'm already having visions of it on my tree! Well, someday. ;)

    I love the patterns of that licorice! How charming!

    Also, for stash, you've given me the final push required to add JB Christmas to my wishlist--and I DO completely want those BBD stockings--they would be my first, but how rich they are!

  16. Rien que du beau! J'adore ton mouton!

  17. I love my sheep box and all the goodies that you sent in it. It was so worth the wait. :) Thank you again!

  18. Your little sheep box for Sari is just gorgeous. Whata wonderful bitzhday gift for her, together with the wonderful goodies.
    Great new stash by the way.