Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It was 70 years ago...

GR&DF once again I must take a moment to thank you for your kind comments and thoughts.

Last night TCM aired one of the great flicks - "Gone With the Wind" - 1939. Starring Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil, Hattie McDaniel and Butterfly McQueen. The occasion was the 70th anniversary of the premier in Atlanta at the Loew's Grand Theater. Here is a still photo taken during production in 1937 or1938 -

This AP Photo / New Line Cinema - shows from l to r - Evelyn Keyes - "Suellen," Vivian Leigh - "Scarlett" and Ann Rutherford - "Careen." They are standing in the hall of Twelve Oaks in the costumes for the Wilkes Barbee Que.

I always enjoy watching this film and have seen it dozens of times. The film is so good on so many levels - historical fact is not one of them - by costuming, sets, cinematography are all top notch.

GWtW was followed up with a Netflix pix - "The House Bunny" - 2008 - starring Anna Faris. A very light predictable comedy that was really quite funny in spots. A sort of Cinderella story set on a College campus - easy to watch and aimed at the tinny bopper crowd.

I worked exclusively on the vine around the blocks and it was a pretty boring snap - so I'll not post it - maybe one tomorrow.

Donna asked about the card in the picture yesterday - yes - it is a greeting card that Shay had in the box and I thought was very pretty.

There you go sports fans - Thanks for stopping by, do come again!!

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  1. I saw House Bunny. Yes, it was a cute movie and predictable, but fun to watch nonetheless.

  2. I love Gone With the Wind and had no idea is was on yesterday. I've been in the mood for older movies lately and watched part of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." I hadn't watched it in a long time and caught it only halfway through! :(

  3. GWTW is one of my all-time favorite movies! Too bad they don't make 'em like that any more :( DH and I did watch Julie/Julia last night and it was a very delightful film. Surprised we got it so soon from Netflix as it was flagged as "long wait". If you haven't seen it, you need to put in your queue :)

  4. Gone With The Wind is one of my favorite stitching movies!

  5. Thanks for the answer to my question! I would still display that card on a shelf because it is so pretty. Now, I am a Southern girl born and raised, but I have never gotten into the whole GWTW/Scarlett O'Hara thing. Maybe I can blame it on my Mama since she was from PA!

  6. Wow, that's pretty cool -- 70 years! I still vividly remember being totally spellbound by the book when I was 14. I spent hours reading obsessively. I saw the movie a couple of times, but I haven't seen it in a long time. I'll have to watch it again sometime. Thanks for mentioning the anniversary!

  7. I love love love Gone With The Wind! It was my favorite book when I was a kid - it has 1036 pages and I loved and drooled over every single one of them. I loved the movie too and wish it was shown here in the U.K. - I guess I could always buy the DVD!
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Patti xxx

  8. Autant en emporte le vent......Tout un programme!

  9. You reminded me of the day I watched Gone with the Wind all alone in a movie theatre as none of my girlfriends wanted to watch it and I looooooved it!Ariadne from Greece!

  10. Oh boy, did I ever get caught up in 'Gone With The Wind' too last night! No matter how many times I see it I always grab my sketch pad to draw the costumes. Then some lucky fashion doll will get a new gown for Christmas.
    My grandmother could have written that script! Although born in 1906 to Italian parents, she was raised at a convent school in Mobile, Alabama. Her mannerisms and expressions were distinctly Southern. I remember her stuffing me full with cheese sandwiches before I childhood birthday party so I wouldn't feast on cake "like a little street beggar" in front of all the guests.

  11. The film version of GWTW was great, but I loved the book...I read it over and over again obsessively as an adolescent--that and Lord of the Rings. Small wonder I turned out kinda quirky.

  12. Thanks for the vine info in your last post! I'm writing you colors on my pattern. I've been waiting impatiently for my fabric, as I've decided to take this project on my Caribbean cruise next month!
    I love Gone with the Wind. It's been a long time since I've seen it. I watched The Proposal last weekend. I liked it as well.
    BTW, I watched the documentary called "The Wild parrots of Telegraph Hill" today. I thought of you a lot, and wondered if you had witnessed these birds on occasion. How fun to have parrots in your city!
    Take Care!

  13. I have to admit, I loved House Bunny. very predictable but just thought it was funny. loved the Marilyn Monroe she tried to do. OUCH! And, can i just have one Mahi instead of the Mahi Mahi. LOL


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