Thursday, December 10, 2009

"E" is for Elaphant and an Old Tradition

GR&DF I was so happy to read in the comments from yesterday that others also enjoy "Hoarders." I thought I was the only one that sat there with mouth hanging open and shaking my head at others accumulations. I have often wondered about my collection's and keeping of stuff but after a watching the show a few times I can honestly say to myself - self you ain't got nothing on those folks!!!

I finished up "E" last night and here is a snap of the progress....

The flicker last night was "The Young Visitors" - 2003 - starring Jim Broadbent, Hugh Laurie and Lyndsey Marshall. The story was written in 1890 by 9 year old Daisy Ashford. It is about a Mr Salteena's plan to woo the lovely Ethel Monticue. A charming tale of Victorian social climbing and love among the rich very well done by the BBC.

Also last night I hung up my last bit of Christmas finery - my Granny's Christmas banner -

Sorry about it being dark but it was hard to get a decent snap of it. This is one of things that she made for her own Christmas decoration and got the idea after seeing one in Rich's Department store in downtown Atlanta. It is made of felt pieces and is about 6 feet long so it hangs on the long wall of our staircase. It would have been made in the late 50's early 60's and is one of the Christmas things I have to have out for it to really be Christmas in my home!! My how I do hang on to family traditions!! Another tradition in my family would be having oyster stew on Christmas eve. I love the stuff and only have it on that one night - it wouldn't be Christmas without it!! The count down continues with only two weeks until Christmas Eve!!

That wraps up another posting my Dears - thank you for stopping by - do come again.

Take care,


  1. I can almost hear the excitement in your voice about Christmas almost being here! I love your Grandmother's Christmas banner, and I think it's wonderful that you hang it every year. The style of the children is really lovely. Oyster stew is a tradition in my family too, but I never liked it so I don't eat it. You can have my bowl!

    Your CHS alphabet is gorgeous Edgar!

  2. I love the Christmas banner, it's so sweet!

  3. Edgar, I watched almost an entire episode of Hoarders via the link and found it to be quite upsetting. Well, I should mention that in light of the fact that as we are re-doing our living room with new bookcases 90% of our DVD's are in a teetering pile in the the center of our living room (Thanks Marc). Also, Hoarding does run in my family. So, since I'm already stressed about it, so even the pile of "clutter" (box of tissues, calculator, garage key, 2 calculators, and a tumbler filled with river stones) perched atop the microwave is giving me fits. I see hoarding and clutter as a slippery slope of faulty information processing/decision making. But you sure are right that I'm just not that bad!! Collectors are one thing, to a hoarder it's ALL a collection! And it belongs all strewn together in a (not so) delightful mélange.

    Elephant looks charming--very nice work indeed. I love your granny's hanging; and especially the girl reading the book on the "L". I've been just wild for felt lately...

  4. Your grandmother's banner is beautiful. what a treasure.

  5. Love your grandma's christmas banner!

    I can't bear to watch Hoarders. We get many cases at work and the inspectors come back with photos and stories. That's enough for me.

    Oyster stew sounds interesting. I like oysters and stew so I figure I'm bound to like it. :)

  6. Christmas traditions are the best way to keep those that we love alive in our hearts.

    Merry Christmas to you :)

  7. Love your E is for Elephant! That BBC movie you watched sounds interesting too. And your oyster stew -- we have something like that as well. We make Chinese dumplings like my parents used to make with us kids when we were little. We only make them on New Year's Day. Our tradition every year. Our kids love it.

  8. I love the Christmas banner your grandmother made! I think it's wonderful that you keep a lot of your family traditions alive.

    We use to spend Christmas eve with friends and had a wonderful dinner which started out with oyster stew! YUM!!! My Dad loved it, too, and my mother fixed it for him in the winter.

  9. Oyster stew is one of my favorite winter dinners. My mother made it often when we were kids. (We have lobster stew on Christmas Eve.) I wish my grandmothers were as talented as yours. You have a lovely memento.

    PS Did Mr Broadbent turn into a radio or internet provider? ;)

  10. I absolutely love your Grandmother's banner! I agree sometimes it just isn't the holiday without some old family traditions thrown in. We also had Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve when I was growing up! Your CHS alphabet is looking really awesome! Decided on the color for filling in the blocks yet?

  11. I absolutely adore the banner your grandmother made! I think those are the most special treasures a person can have.

  12. The banner is glorious. How very special for you to have this wonderful keepsake from your Grandmother.

  13. Oh, your grandmother's banner is wonderful! It's so nice that you keep up the tradition of putting the banner up every year. That what Christmas is all about.


  14. Wow your Grandma's banner is gorgeous!
    Nice progress on the E.

  15. You are really cruising on this wonderful piece. Can you tell me if you are using the suggested colors, or are you doing your on thing? It looks great. Can't wait to get my fabric! It's been on order for a week.
    I actually started this on 32 count over one, and knew that I would never be able to finish it! It was so little. So now I'm attempting 40 count over 2. I really like your 36 count. It looks doable.
    What a fun reminder of your Grandmother!
    Good job! Take Care.

  16. What a sweet wall hanging .. I can see why it's not Christmas until it's hanging on the wall :)

    Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve?? Are you part Norwegian? My step-dad is and we grew up with Oyster Stew and lefse for Christmas Eve. But the kids always got chicken noodle soup until we liked the Oyster Stew .. it never did grow on me .. but I love the oyster crackers! lol


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