Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Musings

GR&DF it is Monday morning and cold as the Dickens here!!! We have gotten very cold for the Bay area over the last couple of days and yesterday it even hailed for quite a while late in the afternoon. Most of the mountain ranges around here are getting covered in snow. Down in the lower elevations, like the city, it is just wet and rainy - and there is more to come!! I would guess that winter is upon us for sure now!!

I heard from Nic that the ornament for the HOE Ornament Exchange got to her. Here is a snap -

He is a Prairie Schooler Santa from the St Nicholas Book #20. As you know I love these little Santa's and so does Nic.

I also did a bit of stitching on my CHS ABC Sampler - and here is a snap of the progress....

As you can see I changed up one of the kitties. It is the light orange tabby. I was thinking of a Kitty we had when I lived in Mississippi - his name was Sam and he was a total outside Tom Cat. I remember that we fed him in the garage as he wouldn't come in the house. I am pretty sure he was a stray and sort of adopted us and let our family look after him. When we were in the process of moving to Maryland when I was 6 he ran away a few days before we left. I think because of all of the racket and noise in the pre-move. So we left and he stayed in Mississippi to live and hunt in the woods that covered the hills behind our house. There you go a bit of my past and a tribute to Sam the Cat! The grey and black kitty was as charted and looks like the kitty that lives here at my work - her name is Titty Kitty. I am still reticent about the box stitching - I guess at some point I will just jump in with some overdyed something and start stitching.....

Dale and I ran around on Saturday to some Estate sales and here is a snap of the few things I picked up -

I also pickled up a great old wooden spoon but forgot to put it in the snap. The large stoneware bowl is just great - and you really can't tell by the snap and angle but that sucker is about 14 inches across. The Christmas mug is really nice and was dirt cheap. I also picked up the small print of Leonardo da Vinci's cartoon of "St Anne, Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist" - 1499-1500. This work is in the National Gallery of Art in London. It is really beautiful in person and I highly recommend a visit to the Gallery if you are ever in London!!

Being a fan of WWII flickers and history in general I did want to mention that today is Pearl Harbor Day - we shouldn't ever forget the sacrifice and dedication of those in the military! Thank a Vet for the freedoms you enjoy!

There was also some flicker watching - "Therese: The Story of Saint Therese of Lisiuex" - 2004 - a nice little film that seemed to be done on a small budget. Some lovely cinematography - with close attention to the details of the Saint life. It had the feeling of a first time film, simple dialogue and very basic acting - I still enjoyed the story and found myself learning things about St Therese that I did not know. Oddly enough it does have a Christmas angle that I didn't realize when I put it on my queue. I did enjoy her story and "The Little Way" is a very positive message for humanity.

There you go sports fans - Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments. Do stop by again!!

Take care,


  1. Thanks for mentioning Pearl Harbor Day. This year our family lost my dad and my father in law both WWII vets. My dad was so proud to have served. There just aren't many of them left. We need to continue to Thank all those who have served and are serving now,
    Jan R in Maryland

  2. Ditto on msjan's comments. My mother's first husband, who was not my father, died at the Battle of the Bulge. I have the Army's record of those weeks that lead up to the battle and it is amazing anyone survived. There were horror's we cannot even imagine. All Vet's need our gratitude and thanks.

    I remember when this movie came out and it only showed in certain cities. It was a very limited showing. I may put that one on my que. Thanks for the review :)

  3. What a great santa ornie-and I loved hearing that cat story to accompany the "finish" of the c block!

  4. Love your stitching, Edgar, as always, it is perfection! Also love, love, love that white stoneware bowl, such a great find!!

  5. A very pretty Santa ornament, and your CHS Alphabet sampler looks gorgeous! I love the story of the kitty.

  6. Loving your stitching. Great progress on the alphbet. Can't wait to see what colour you choose to use as the fill in.

    Thanks for mentioning Peral Harbor. My grandfather was there that day... he never spoke of it, to my knowledge.

  7. Beautiful stitching! Love stoneware, so way to go on getting the bowl.

  8. Wonderful stitchy progress -- and I love that Santa too! Great estate sale finds too. Pearl Harbor Day is always remembered here as well. The day is one to remember in all ways.


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