Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Box of Christmas Cheer

GR&DF you know it -your the best!! Thank you once again for your kind comments!! I so enjoy reading them and usually get such a warm feeling of camaraderie and stitchity love!

Yesterday brought a wonderful Christmas surprise from Shay. A while back she emailed me about the Joyeux Noel Book from BBD - she is a model stitcher (with her beautiful and perfect stitching) and was finishing up with her copy and wondered if I would like it - Like it, oh my, YES - I was debating if I was going to get a copy as I love BBD, but just hadn't been able to swing it as a stash purchase - and here one comes like manna from the heavens - here is a snap of the goodies the accompanied the book....

A totally sweet snowman sucker (who is now nestled in our tree, looking super cute), some Valdani Floss (just beautiful, and I have never tried them before) and some delicious sugared Christmas Pecans - just like Granny used to make. Such a special, kind gift - Thank you so much Shay!!!!!

I did read some rather sad news yesterday at different places on the Internet - This will be the last year of the BBD Loose Feathers Club - I love these little projects and will miss them when they are gone - but the bright spot would have to be that now the ladies will have extra time to make bigger designs!!

The comments yesterday got me to thinking about the CHS Alphablocks - both Patti and Jennifer suggested leaving the boxes alone and unfilled. I had thought about that, but know that once I finish and have it framed - in the far future - I will not be happy with them as unfilled. I just need to "Sh-- or get off the pot" as my Father would say. I was playing around with some floss' to see if I could get it together to make a decision..... that wasn't working - so I worked on the next block "I" and got the black box lines stitched. Hows that for putting off today what can wait until tomorrow!! Loraine asked about what floss' I was using for the vine and bud border - I am using GAST Forest Glade for the vine - I tried a couple of other greens and found that I liked this best on the linen. For the Buds I am using WDW Raspberry for the dark pink and WDW Red Pear for the light pink. I like these two colours together and have used them on other projects.

The flicker last night was an On Demand Comcast choice of Rico's - "The Proposal" - 2009 - starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen and Betty White. A predictable comedy/love story that I thoroughly enjoyed!! Funny where it should be with the leads doing a very good and believable job throughout. The director was Anne Fletcher who also directed "27 Dresses" - 2008 - another cute and predictable love story/comedy film. The Alaska scenery is just beautiful and makes you want to jump in a plane and go for a visit!! I can recommend this film as cute and entertaining. At a short 108 mins what have got to loose??

There you go sports fans - thanks for stopping by and do come again!!

Take care,


  1. Wow Edgar! You must have been good this year to receive so many wonderful packages!

    Maybe you should wait until you have all the alphabet stitched and then decide on a background color? In any case, what you have done so far looks wonderful!

  2. You could also do a "checkerboard pattern" of 2 colours...or you could do a different colour on each row (horizontal). Or on each column (vertical). You could even line it up diagonally (Which would give one of the colours dominance...)

    Or, you could do a checkerboard, but with the "White" being all one colour (for example the charted colour, or some other warm neutral tone), but then where the "Blacks" should be, you could do a confetti effect with all different colours--you know, all those ones you've been poking around with--thinking you liked but just not ready to commit to a giant 26 letters worth of! Variety with unity!

    Am I nuts with so many suggestions?! No, I'm gonna maintain that it's just what's been rattling around in my own head as I ponder stitching this one myself someday!

  3. What a lovely christmas package! Great movies too...those are fun ones I've seen before. I finally saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button over the weekend and you're right. It was surprisingly fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I also saw Everybody's Fine....sad, sad tearjerker movie. I thought it was a comedy!

  4. What a nice box of Valdani you recieved! I'm jealous! I think you will really enjoy working with those.The other things are great too! I loved "The Proposal" as well. I must say I wasn't expecting the scene in the bedroom after the shower ,but I laughed my rear off! I was laughing about the comment you said your dad would say.It's my mom that is guilty of that saying in our family!

  5. Your posts always brighten my day. What lovely presents you were sent.

    I remember my Grandmother using that saying - my Mom and I still use it!

    As always, I love the movie reviews!

  6. Hi Edgar! You have such wonderful friends who send you the most marveous packages! Is the little teapot thing a cardboard cutout that could be used as an ornament or is it a regular card? I have seen the alphabelt blocks filled with different colors, softer blues, greens, and yes the orange family. I can't remember exactly as it has been a while, but I'm thinking there were at least 3 different colors used, maybe more. It was really pretty!

  7. It's wonderful to have stitching friends to send you what you need! I love that BBD book. I'm sad as well that there will be no more Loose Feathers pieces from BBD. I love those ladies, so talented! I agree that you need to fill in those boxes on the CHS Alphabets. Hope you decide how to soon! And The Proposal -- still haven't seen it, but I may have to. I haven't seen the 27 Dresses yet either. Another on my list!

  8. WOW oh WOW Edgar I love the presents you got. I especially love the Vivaldi floss because I really want to try it and shall be buying some soon. I couldn't eat the candy cause I'm still on a diet (big time) or the nuts either. This is just one Christmas that I will be really good because I want to be thin (okay thinner) than I want to eat the Christmas cr*p!

    Rico's choice of movie was GREAT. I can't wait to see that and 27 Dresses was a really feel good movie and I loved it.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  9. I just bought the Joyeux Noel book and love it! Lots of good designs to stitch in it. I also loved The Proposal, just having seen it over the Thanksgiving break, and I loved 27 Dresses also.

  10. What a truly generous gift from Shay!

    I can't believe how fast you are stitching Alphablocks!! It looks great and I agree with you that even though it may look "OK" unfilled, if it were mine, I'd always know that it "should" have been filled and I was too lazy to do it...LOL You'll feel better once you get started on it and it will be absolutely gorgeous and then you'll be glad you took the time to do it :)

  11. What a wonderful gift box! I love anything BBD.
    I think you will be hooked on Valdani floss after you try it. I certainly am.
    WDW "Red Pear" is one of my all-time favorite colors. It's one of those flosses that I not only love to stitch with, but just sit and look at. Yes, I'm getting odder by the day.

  12. I must agree with you about "The Proposal" being a movie to recommend. I had not planned on seeing it in the theaters during the summer, but when I took my niece and dad to see the latest Night at the Museum flick, they couldn't get the film and sound in sync. We had the option to get a refund, wait for the later showing, or go to another movie. We went (dad reluctantly) to see "The Proposal" and dad roared through the entire thing. It's great to see a father/male have such a great time watching a "chic flick". LOL

  13. Edgar, what lovely and special presents you received! You are so lucky.
    Say it isn't so! I am also sad that there will be no more Loose Feathers designs.


  14. Chouette cadeau de Noël...mais attention...les sucreries font grossir!!!!

  15. Great post, as always, Edgar! Love your goodies, that was surely sweet and generous of Shay to send your way!

    I am thinking you should just wait too, when all of the other stitching is finished, the answer will come then!


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