Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas RAK and some TV

GR&DF what great comments about everything from the last post!! Thank you so much!! I did have a couple of questions - the "Merry & Bright" ornament is from the 2007 JCS and was designed by Little by Little. I didn't write down my changes and since my brain is a sieve I am at a loss to remember what they were - sorry about that.

The mail brought the nicest RAK from Ruth -

Knowing my love of the over dyed Ruth sent me a lovely assortment of beautiful colours. Thank you dear Ruth!!! I keep saying it and will say it again - stitchin' folks are the best!!!!

I worked on "E" last night but didn't take a snap as not too much got done - some of the box and that is black stitching - kind of boring to look at.

The flicker was "To Kill a King" - 2003 - starring Tim Roth (Oliver Cromwell), Dougray Scott (Lord Fairfax) and Rupert Everett (Charles I). The story is about the relationship between Oliver Cromwell and Lord Fairfax and their dealings with Charles I. I am a big English History person and this was a great movie for that. Loved the sets, the cinematography, the costumes and the acting was top notch. I had seen Tim Roth in another period movie called "Vatel" - 2000 and he was superb in that also as the evil Marquis de Lauzun. I would highly recommend both of these flicks!!

I just wanted to mention in passing about a couple TV shows I am now addicted to - "Hoarders" - Mondays on A&E at 10pm. I am just fascinated by this show. Last week a women's house was being eaten by her goats and she just closed a door and let them have at it???? This was totally disturbing - and I think I might have built a fence to corral them house eating goats. Does one corral a goat???? I wonder. Oh well if you find yourself at a loose end at 10pm on Monday you might want to give it a chance. The other show I have gotten hooked on - "I Survived" on the Biography channel. Each 60 min show gives 2 or 3 different stories of surviving a confrontation with their own demise in most unusual and horrific situations. I guess you never know what you are capably of until put to the test! This show airs on Sundays.

Thanks for stopping by!! Do come again!

Take care,


  1. I love Hoarders too, Edgar. The woman with the goats was pretty crazy but how about the other one with the 4,000 pounds of poo? Those poor cleaning people really had their hands full with that one!

  2. Hoarders is great! The whole time that show is on, my nose is wrinkled in disgust but I just can't stop watching it :)

  3. I watch the Hoarders show too. They had a marathon on last Monday, and I had to start cleaning when it was over. And our house is immaculate. The poo lady was upsetting.

  4. I have been hooked on Hoarders too. Also Intervention, some of the shows are just WOW.

  5. No worries about the colors used on Merry & Bright. I will have to match the colors up on my own - it will be good for my brain to put it to good use LOL!
    I never watched Hoarders. I thought it would make me start cleaning more - oh no, less time for stitching!


  6. I am a neat freak and just started watching Hoarders myself with my boyfriend. We just look at each other in horror.
    And I look around and think, wow, my house is immaculate!!!

  7. Thanks for the movie reviews! I enjoy them so much :) I have not seen To Kill A King but I will look for it on Netflix. I saw Tim Roth in Rob Roy recently and was blown away by his acting. I also enjoy him in Lie To Me on Monday's on Fox after House. Great actor and you don't hear that much about him.

  8. Nice stitchy stash! Stitching friends are the best!
    Oh my, just have to tell you how much I love your CHS Alphabet blocks. So inspiring!
    Love the tree with the wonderful ornaments too!

  9. Nice RAK! As for Hoarders, I have a hard time with the concept even. Ugh! I'm a bit of a pack rat myself, so I guess I'm always afraid I'll become a hoarder! (Have you read Homer and Langley by EL Doctorow? Famous hoarders.)

  10. OMG, I'm totally hooked on Hoarders too! I watched it for the first time the other night and then watched 2 more episodes from Video on Demand on the DirecTV. It's now on my DVR schedule. CRAZY stuff!

  11. I just heard about Hoarders this week and now it is on my DVR list. I can't wait to get a free minute to watch.
    Great RAK too!

  12. catching up on blog reading
    love your merry and bright
    as well as your abc sampler progres
    hooray for your gifted threads too!

  13. You received a really nice RAK. One can never have enough overdyed thread!

    My husband loves Hoarders. I just find it so disturbing and sad.

  14. I love Hoarders too, Edgar I've been hooked since season 1 and they've just now started season 2. I always thought I was a terrible pack rat, but after watching that show I have no worries. By their stantards I'm a neat freak. ha ha ha


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