Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend stitching and some bitchin'

I worked on VoHRH and it is really coming together. Here is a snap of the progress.

I still have all the black fill in the windows. (By the way did you see the mistake in the lower left window...look at Fridays post and look at today's, I had to pull out all the blue and restitch it, I need to pay attention and not watch TV while I stitch!!!) I always avoid or change if I can stitching in black or white. I just have never like to do either. I know the next square is a white church so I am not looking forward to that, but it will need to get done.

Here's a little story............last week started a saga with my portable DVD player. I usually carry this just about everywhere with me. I bought this player about a year and half ago from, good price and they offered the extended warranty. I never buy the extended warranty, except this time for this player I did.

Some back story,I took the DVD player to my sisters and it played fine in the airport on the airplane and at her house.....coming back on the plane it would not load the disc. After I got home I tried numerous discs new and old and nothing would load, so it is broken.

My extended warranty was for replacement and not repair. Feeling that this would be easy to deal with and that I was covered..... last Thursday I got all my papers together and copies of the emails from when I bought the thing and innocently called That started a phone call from hell which went round and round with multiple people and holding and listening to bad elevator music and bouncing all over the place. Needless to say 14+ persons from phone operators to "Supervisors/Managers" and two, count them, two long hours on the phone later I finally find out that I can not send this back to any place that I would need to take it to a Sears store........ well the closest Sears store is down in south SF near the airport, about a 30 min (on a good day) drive away. Why did they think I bought the thing online in the first I would not have to drive to the store, whatever! I was one pissed off mister man!!!!! and vowed that I would never step foot in on near another Sears or it would be the very last place I would look for anything!!! So I bundled up my papers my broken portable DVD player and trotted myself down to the electronics department at the Tanforan Mall.

8, count them, 8 mins after talking to Ivethe and Julio in the electronics department I had a new player and was on my merry way. Why oh why couldn't I have been told at the beginning of all the numerous persons I explained and explained what was going on that I would have to go to the mall, and that I would at least get the help that I needed...... All 14+ people knew the story because of course every one of the 14+ people during the marathon phone call had to hear the story because " I can't help you if I don't know what is going on...." if I had to hear that statement again I was going to strangle me an operator....... that's all in the past now, but it ain't over oh no sirree bob!!!! I am still writing me a letter outlining the phone call and the final resolution, don't think I didn't take and keep notes on the call, including names and times I was put on hold, boy I am still fired up and it has been 4 days!!

I know I need to let it go, and I will AFTER I write my letter!!!

After picking up my NEW Dvd player and getting some new jeans I did stop at JoAnns fabrics to see what was on sale and got some stuff. At the checkout counter I found my new favorite holiday candy.

I already love those junior mint things, dark chocolate and mint you can't beat'em....but now they have added crunched up candy canes!!!!! OMG little bits of heaven!!! Go get some!!!! You will not regret it!!!!! :)

Happy Monday!!! Thanks for stopping by and listening to my bitchin'!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Oh those mints look delicious!

    Glad you got your new DVD player - and sorry about the huge hassle with Sears!

  2. I'm sorry you had to go through that ordeal Edgar! Telephone representatives suck (AnneS and moi excepted, of course), but I'm glad you got your new DVD player.
    Well done on VoHRH. This block you're working on now is not one *I'm* looking forward to. The church seems a doddle compared to this one to me :o)

  3. Glad you got the DVD taken care of. Those extended warrantys can be life savers depending on the item!

    VOHRH is looking super!

  4. First of all - VOHRH looks awesome! You are doing a bang up job with it! And secondly... oh can I ever empathize with you over your bad sales experience! It seems to be the norm lately, what a shame! I am so glad you got it fixed up, though! GADS!!!! And finally, dear Edgar, oh how I wish I could eat sugar again.. those mints look yummy!!! {{{HUGS}}}... they were there at just the right time for you, too!

  5. Yummm! Those candies look wonderful, I'll have to go find some. Sounds like Sears really gave you the run-around, but I'm glad you were able to get a replacement player.

  6. Oh that just sucks, doesn't it...don't get me started, I had a similar situation happen to me recently....bad, bad, bad!
    Anyway...your village is looking super and darn it! I saw those junior mints at joann's on Monday...but I held myself I'm wanting to get in the car and get some! LOL!

  7. I really love your VoHRH!

    I'm sorry for the hassle you had to deal with. That was ridiculous!

  8. Isn't sad how customer service is more like customer no service? What happened to stores wanting to keep their customers happy? I guess they don't care anymore. Frustrating for us consumers who just want to buy something that's good quality and will last longer than a minute or two!


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