Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NEW BD Bloggers Club and VoHRH

I have gotten quite a few responses from stitchers out there for the NEW BBC, I think it will be lots of fun as it has been in the past!! There were some questions about the new site and your info.

Yes, the old club will cease to exist as Becky will be closing that Blog. If you would like to participate you will need to re-register with the new site.

Yes, I will need to get your info that you had sent to Becky sent to me. She has very limited access to a computer and the old information. For this reason it is very important that you resend your info to me so that when I send out the info to your partner it is as complete as possible.

I also wanted to mention to everyone if you know of someone on the old blog and they do not check in very often to the blogging world, if you could please let them know that the other site is closing and that there is a new Blog. I would really hate it if someone had signed up at the old Blog and then missed out on moving to the new site and being a part of the Club. That was why I added an additional week to the cut off date..... so that everyone could get a chance to resign up. Boy, that sounds very convoluted. Basically just let everyone know about the change!!! I know that with all of us rattling the grapevines out there that we will not miss anyone!!! Thanks!!!!!

I will get out emails to everyone and sign them into the blog over the next few days, please don't panic, it is new to me and will take a few to get into the groove!! :)
Also if you have any suggestions about anything please just let me know, I am open to any and all ideas to make it a fun experience.

Well, with all that said..... I did stitch some on the VoHRH, not exciting stitching but fill-in green. Here is a snap of the progress.

Thanks for everyones help and encouragement, and thanks for stopping by, spread the word!!!!

Take care,


  1. What a great guy to take on being in charge of the birthday club! I'll send you my info! Love the sheep Rico got you!
    If I get the VoHHR for Christmas, I stitch it along with you!

  2. Thank you for taking this exchange on! I'll get my info to you as soon as I can :o)

  3. Hi! I sent you my registration for the new BBC yesterday. I hope you recieved it! Just tell me if you don't and I'll send it again!