Friday, November 30, 2007

QC Do Dad stitching and the BBC

This morning I got in and had some questions about my receiving BBC info. I had not received everyones information. What had happened was that a ton of you had gotten caught up in the spam-o-filter and I in my ignorance never thought to check. Usually all I get are offers that would make a sailor blush, and I usually just don't bother to check. I have now weeded through all the fabulous offers and such and pulled out the important BBC emails from everyone and will start adding them today with emails to follow with access to the board. If you do not hear from me with in a day or so of your sending an e-mail then throw a comment here or on the BBC I will be checking everywhere to make sure that ALL are included.
Thank you for your patience, please mind the gap!!!

Last night while watching the movie called "The Ref" ( clever and bitchy Christmas movie) I worked on QC and got some of the do-dads done and finished up that medallion I was working on yesterday. Here is a progress snap....

That square thing to the left is the start of a fallen down tulip and vase.

Tonight is RR night and I will probably work on some Christmas wrapping and cards this weekend. What a trauma the card has been this year. I started the cards on Tuesday and there is still a pile to go!! Getting them out over a few days makes it seem like fun and not a chore. I really like sending cards but we deviated from what we normally do this year. Over the past 6 or 7 years we have been sending out a family shot of us and the hounds in hand made cards. This year I just did not think there was a good enough snap to send out even from the summer so we are doing regular store bough cards without a snap, and I have already been hearing through the grapevine about how some are anticipating the card for this year.
Boy is the guilt starting early or what!!!
I will just have to work extra hard next year on the card. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. You're really moving along on QC. I'm looking forward to the new BBC!

  2. The QC looks great! :) And thanks for the reminder that tomorrow's the 1st of December, official 'Christmas card send out' day! ;)

  3. Beautiful stitching as usual.
    Thanks for all work for the BBC :)

  4. Hi Edgar! You don't know me, but I was supposed to be on the exchange board you took over from Becky. I'm listed in name only, and am not allowed to comment and it's not listed in my personal Blogger info as one of my blogs. I got overlooked on my birthday, so I guess I need to hear from you to see how to proceed. My recipient will not be hearing from me (Bday yet to come) if I'm not a member. Something got messed up badly. Thanks for your advisement in this matter. I've heard nothing from Becky yet, so I'm assuming you are the one to contact. I'm so sorry to bother you with this mess.

  5. Great progress on QC! I always plan to stitch Christmas cards, but I never find the time to do them! Maybe if I started the day after Christmas, I could have them ready by the next Christmas. I did send out several Valentine's Day cards that I had stitched. They were well received! Have fun!

  6. QC looks great! I just sent you an e-mail to sign up for the SBBC. Thanks for taking over the blog!

    -- Danielle H.


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