Friday, November 16, 2007

Quaker Christmas - continues

Well, I made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and promptly fell asleep ( or should I say I just passed out, I was really just exhausted) in my chair. At about 7:45 I woke up just in time to watch Ugly Betty, and yes, it is still making me crazy....the story line is SO far fetched that even I have trouble just watching it. I do however really enjoy Judith Light's acting. Which is lifting the silly story out of the mire of mediocrity!! Then the ongoing foolishness that is Grey's Anatomy - don't get me started.......I think these two shows are turning into my little Friday rant. So why don't I just stop watching, you ask???
It is my train wreck and I just can't, lord help me, I have to watch.....
but I will bitch about it!!!!!

I did pick up a project - QC - avoiding that church!! Here is a progress of the piece.

This is the top edge of the piece. I really like the way this is looking.
That's about it for the end of the week. Have a great weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Your Quaker Christmas is very nice because of the material you chose to go with the color. Materials and color can be tricky and it is not that easy to do, for me yet anyway. I agree that the green looked black, in fact that is what I thought it was. The design is very intricate and I can't wait to see the finished piece!!

    Thanks for the suggestion about color choice for Scarlet Ribands. I looked up all of the suggestions, and it will probably take a few days for me to decide. Leaning towards the GAST Sarasparilla. I really want it to look old.

    If you can believe it, I have never used GAST before, so it will be fun.

    Thanks again!!

  2. Enjoy your weekend, too! Love your QC progress - this is such a beautiful stitch!

  3. No need to rant about Grey's Anatomy. It's just a guilty pleasure for LOTS of people (look at the ratings!) Back when it first started a group of us were ER fanatics. We would even call each other up during the commercials and comment on the action. (I suppose we could use IMs these days.) But gradually we just stopped watching. Clooney left, Margulies left, and I left when the story line made Dr. Carter a drug addict. I wasn't buying it.

    So my husband and I were watching Grey's last night and laughing out loud with the some of the dialog (it still has bite), but discussing whether Bailey's crush was out of character. Every week we ask whether we will continue, but every week we do. I know I will watch it even after the strike is over (next year?), but television as a whole will lose a LOT of viewers.

  4. Quaker Christmas is so beautiful! You really impress and inspire me with the gorgeous, complicated pieces you do!! I, too, are not crazy about stitching with white! I know what you mean about the furbabies. Mine do just what yours do. The baby, Bebe, climbs all the way up to the back of my chair. She stands there and stares outside. It's her cue to me that she needs to go out. She's been fairly easy to house train. She also goes down my shirt to take naps. I feel pregnant again and have to stitch over a big "stomach"! But aren't they worth it?!! Have a great day!