Friday, October 7, 2022

Flashback Friday

 Gentle Friends, looking way back before the Blog even I stitched this...

BBD  "Quaker Garden"
RR Linen 30ct Garden State Java
Called for WDW & GAST

...  I found a reference to this piece in 2007... it's an oldie, "fake" quaker... so to speak.  I think it was even my first Quakeresque thing that I stitched...  but from this was born a love of the Quaker Sampler and I have stitched many since.  Those quakery bits are scatted about the house and in homes of friends and family that I have foisted on as gifts.  When I took it off the wall I could see it is also an early framing job of mine.  Since this was framed I have found I prefer my stitching framed tighter without so much "white" or empty space... but I'll not change it and back up it goes.  

The old thumb is getting better but I keep snagging the healing wound on the silk floss when I push the needle up, but I keep going.  So, Monday's update on AGW will be smallish for sure.

Have a super weekend and thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!



  1. Edgar, perhaps a "rubber finger" would work to protect your wound
    and facilitate your stitching. Used to use them for filing and they are
    relatively comfortable and come in sizes - office supply store - if there
    are any left outside of the internet.... Hope you back on track in
    no time....Hope you both have a great weekend.

  2. Do you frame all of your own pieces? I have only started doup much same way you cut your thumb. I hope your thumb heals quickly to make your stitching easier. I kept stitching also.

  3. Dearest Edgar: Beautiful flashback post, it is a lovely design.
    I have a problem every once in a while, with a hang nail or rough skin, I use a metal nail file to smooth the skin down do it lightly you do not want to cause a bleed, I buy mine at Target, a little spendy but better than the other nail files.
    Have a great day



A Little Break

 Gentle Friends, just taking a break from the Blog for a while.   I'll be back...  look at the cute Chi in the meantime... Good Thoughts...