Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends,  to begin with, I really do no like the NEW Blogger, I tried it out for a little while and just don't care for it one bit!!  Now with that said here's a new shot of Agnes and the alphabets...

...I'm not sure why it looks so blue, I guess it was the lighting...I was asked a question about the letter "D" and I think Agnes forgot to stitch it where it should be and just popped that sucker on the end.  I love the quirky nature of that misplacement and thought about moving it back into place but then just went with it the way it was charted. 

In the story about the original sampler, Barb and Alma mention about the addition of the name Ella after the second alphabet "Z" - I left that in as I had a really good friend when I was growing up in Maryland named Ella and it was nice to think back to my childhood a million years ago and Ella and her rabbits.  Fun Times!!!  I'm just moving through this one and already have another project on the horizon...a Christmas present I need to stitch up that should be fun!!

There you go sports fans. Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. It's beautiful. I really like the airy feeling of the colors. And I would definitely leave the "D" where it is!

  2. Agnes is looking incredible, Edgar! Awesome progress!

  3. You are making me absolutely love this Edgar.... And I, too, love the quirky misplacement...glad you kept it as is. Sunday Blessings ~Robin~

  4. I just love your personal attachment to the pieces you work. Ella reigns supreme.... Have loved this one from the beginning.

  5. I am slowly coming to terms with the new blogger. I know it is necessary as we won't be given a choice as of the end of the month. Agnes is looking great!