Friday, June 5, 2020

A Little Off the Top

Gentle Friends... so... back in April I ordered a clipper set to cut hair.  Knowing we weren't going to be able to get to Anna and get hair cuts I thought it would be a good idea.  Thursday, yesterday,  it finally arrived ... we've both gone since the beginning of March without cuts and I haven't shaved since March 11th and slowly but surely I was turning into a big fuzzy Muppet...but now we have clippers and here's the pile of hair left on the kitchen floor from my head...

... the clippers have multiple attachments and one of them allowed me to clip my beard off and now it's just some stubble and the clipped curls have gone down the drain.  I probably should have done before and after but didn't think of that till just now...

I'll have Agnes finished up by Monday and then I'll go over all the changes I'll be making on the three motifs along the bottom.  I wasn't really happy with the stitching as charted so I've begun the frogging and now I'm thinking of the re-stitch.  I stitch for my pleasure so I gotta make me happy first in my book.  Have a super weekend.  Stay Safe!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. LOL...that's a lot of hair! think there has been a great deal of "shearing" going on recently...I finally made it in on, befores wouldn't have been a good thing. ;-) Happy Friyay! ~Robin~

  2. Good for you - on all of the above! Looking forward to your design changes.

  3. We haven't been able to purchase a clipper set. My son is finally going to visit from PA this week and will be bringing the clippers that he has so I can trim my husband's hair. He doesn't need a lot though.