Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Little Stitchin' and llittle Jammin' and some Roses......

Gentle Friends...  a little stitching on Beatitudes... here's a snap...


I got the plums on the stove and it filled my biggest pot to almost overflowing...

... just before the first boil...

... just after the second boil...

... now almost finished, this is after the third boil...Now just once more and then to fill up the jars!!

You might remember that we usually get new flowers for the house each week and this week landed on some really interesting roses...I usually go for the yellow-orange variety but this just jumped out and was such a different shade of violet!!  They are really very fragrant also for store-bought flowers.

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again. Stay Safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Oh...that jam looks wonderful. But, wow....our family has done jams for years and have never done multiple boils like that. Interesting. Wish you were closer...I'd invite myself into your kitchen to learn your secrets. Good progress on the stitching in betwixt the jamming! ~Robin~

  2. Your stitch is looking good, Edgar! Lovely roses! How much jam did that pot produce?

  3. Beautiful stitching. That looks like a whole lot of plum jam. I had violet roses like that at my wedding 35 years ago next week. Your photo brought back happy memories.