Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Birthday

Gentle Friends, today would have been my paternal Grandfathers birthday, he would have been 113, being born in Atlanta in 1907...

... here he is being held up by my great grandmother in 1908, at 8 months old...and, here's how I remember him and my grandmother...

.... this portrait was for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1980...  it was a fun weekend when they celebrated their anniversary, with a renewal of vows and a big party in the church hall.  I know why my grandmother wanted to renew vows in the church because, in 1930, they ran off and eloped instead of a big church wedding.  It's hard to imagine my very conservative and quiet grandparents as two reckless kids running off to get married by the Justice of the Peace!!

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! good Deeds!


  1. Dearest Edgar: He is very handsome, your Grandmother is beautiful, her eyes are stunning to look at.
    What a wonderful idea to renew vows in Church on their 50th, such a romantic idea.


  2. Ah, good memories. It is amazing how much his 50th anniversary picture resembles his baby picture.

  3. What beautiful photos! My husband and I got married at Circus Circus in Las Vegas in 1981... a story I love to tell the grands.

  4. Wonderful pictures! I only got to know one of my grandparents. You were fortunate to have good memories of them. Thanks for sharing!