Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A Stitchin' Space

Gentle Friends...   I've been asked to show my stitching place at home... so here you go...

... I do all my stitching here in my maternal GGGranfathers Morris chair.   I always keep one of my many quilts on it to protect the new upholstery I just had put on the cushions... right now its the double wedding ring.  All around me you can see family stuff... my paternal grandmother's slag glass lamp and my paternal grandfather's stand lamp from his office...and to the left, you see my Ott-lite stand lamp... I like lots of light when I stitch.  

On the table are some of my silver and brass candlesticks, on the books are a copy of the Scythian cup and a Moche Frog stirrup vase, also a bright cut vase of my maternal grandmothers...  
and my stitching.  

I stitch in a q-snap, I been using the same "frame" for many years just replacing the snap parts. The little pumpkin-shaped cut candy dish was a gift from friends they brought it back to us from Mexico... and yes, the "clickers' sit next to me as I control the TV!!  Or I often control the TV...  Behind me on the bookcase are my collections of royal memorabilia and matryoshkas.  The books are various copies and versions of "Night before Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol" for the most part with lots of other Christmas books and various novels... and directly behind me on a lower shelf, you can't see, are all of the binders of  CS charts...

So there you go, my stitching spot... not glamours but it gets the job done!

Thanks for stopping by do stop again!  Stay safe!

Good  Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. What a great spot. It mist feel very good to be surrounded by things you love!

  2. Edgar come on where is the cross stitch mess??

  3. Cozy! However, I find myself coveting your ship paintings...we recently got a place on a lake and I have wanted to do some nautical/coastal pieces (versus the kitschy "northwoods" things of bears, deer, moose, etc.), but it is difficult to find good pieces. How wonderful that you have so many family treasures...there were few in my family...either maternally or paternally. I especially love the Morris chair! Would also love to see your collection of the two best Christmas books in the world!! What a fabulous collection that must be! ~Robin~

  4. I totally enjoyed this one ~ seeing all the lovely things! Everyone has
    their special 'stitching spot' and yours looks very comfortable.
    Hope you guys are staying well and not too stir crazy....

  5. Thank you for sharing your stitching space, you have made a lot of people very happy and fulfilled our curiosity. x

  6. Your stitching space looks fabulous, Edgar! What a beautiful quilt on your chair plus being surrounded by all the things you enjoy! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Dearest Edgar: This looks like the perfect stitching spot, I just want to sit there and stitch myself.
    Loving the chair, it is beautiful.
    Stay healthy


  8. What a meaningful corner of your satisfying it must be to
    fill it with family heirlooms and all the light your meticulous stitchery requires. Now where is the wall of those completed masterpieces?

  9. Your stitching space is absolutely perfect! You're surrounded by some beautiful things. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Love your stitching spot! Surrounded with love. I have 2 Morris chairs. 1 was my grandfathers. It has wide wooden arms that I remember sitting on while we talked and a foot rest that slides out. I was gifted it from my Uncle. I have the receipt and tag from the chair! Down the rode from grandparents is where my grandmother grew up. They had a household sale and we bought the Morris chair. The arms of it open up for storage. Love those chairs so much!

  11. Your stitching spot looks so cozy and inviting. I love all the family stuff that surrounds you, as well as the treasures you've found over the years. Thank you so much for sharing Edgar. Now I'll picture you in that spot when you share your stitching progress with us!

  12. What a beautiful place to do your stitching. It must be wonderful to sit amongst family treasures.