Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stash, Stitchin and a few Flicks

GR&DF the title sort of tells it all - in a nutshell!! It is still raining here and will continue on and off for the next week or so. I so love the rain and rainy days and nights. I think today will actually be a more dryish day and then the storms start to pour in from the Pacific again. In the afternoon and evenings when the hounds go out for their "communing with nature" time - I don't think they really care for the cold wet grass and pavement and I think that if they could they would prop up on a single foot to keep the other three dry.

Yesterday the mails where great - I decided that with all the trouble I had with acquiring the Sheepish charts I should try and get any of the other SD samplers that I wanted now if I could-

They arrived yesterday along with the November and December BBD Stocking charts. I really like the SD samplers as they are not too big and usually have some really great specialty stitches to keep things interesting. Now that I have all 12 of the stocking chart books I should probably get to stitching some of them up!! I also received in a trade.....

The final piece of the SD "pillow" charts - "R" is for Rabbit. I was so happy to get this part and now have to work things around in my brain as to how I am going to get them all to go together.... with an odd number of charts should I try my hand at creating a sixth one to make things even....?

I worked some on Alphablocks.... here is a snaperoo -

this is the lower left hand corner.... still liking this one and moving right along.

The block of films today starts off with a fun film - "That Touch of Mink" - 1962 - starring that perpetual "girl next door" Doris Day, Cary Grant, Gig Young and Audrey Meadows. I really enjoy the DD films and can watch them over and over again!! Once again Doris plays a beautiful girl - but she is an out of work computer operator who wants nothing but to get married. Cary Grant plays a business man that goes from affair to affair without any intention of marriage until he "splashes" the Day. Great movie with a few giggles and a happy ending. TCM on Sunday showed a couple of great films starring John Lund. Today he is not as well remembered as some but he was a very credible actor of his time. One of his more memorable films is "Foreign Affair" - 1948 - starring Jean Arthur, Marlene Deitrich and of course John Lund. This film is set in post WWII Berlin with Lund playing an Army Captain dating ex-Nazi Cafe singer Deitrich. When in flys Congress Woman Arthur - so begins the triangle of love. A great film directed by Billy Wilder. Sunday afternoon TCM showed an old favorite of mine "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - 1961 - starring Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard and Patricia Neal. A great flick every time! Last night the flickers where - "Sweet Bird of Youth" - 1962 - starring Geraldine Page and Paul Newman. The film was taken from Tennessee Williams play and just crackles with the superior acting with most of the original Broadway cast. The last movie for the evening was "The Diary of Anne Frank" - 1959 - starring Millie Perkins, Jospeh Schildkraut and Shelly Winters. Winters won her first of her two Oscars for the role of Petronella van Daan. A really great movie interpretation of the story of the Frank family in hiding.

There you go sports fans.
Thank you for the kind comments and for stopping by!!
Do come again!

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  1. Great stash haul! Nice progress on alphabets.

    I really love to read your reviews on movies. It makes me want to go watch a few that you recommend.

    Have a good one!


  2. Ooooh I really like your new charts! I have never tried that designer before. Must go have a browse! Love your wip - it's coming along nicely. I love stormy weather too. It makes me want to snuggle up with a hot cocoa and stitch by the fire :-) x

  3. It just doesn't get any better, does it? :D

  4. Great stash haul! Thanks for posting about movies, I'll put some of them on my list for my next rainy day.

  5. Love the stash! Yes, I've been on a Sheepish mission too on and off. Love those designs! Your alphabets is looking good too!

  6. Great stash and progress!

    I do have some older SD, if there are any you are still looking for email me and I can check my stash!

  7. Lovely lovely SD stash! Where did you get them, or was it from various shops?

    Your alphabets are looking great. Almost there!

  8. Great stash! I just love reading your blog not only for the cross stitch, but the movie reviews! You are a just like Siskel & Ebert (ok I know one of those guys died but not sure of who!!)

  9. What a fantastic assortment of stash additions you got there! And I love reading your movie reviews, I like a lot of the old movies too. I should start writing down some of your movies and start using my Netflix membership more.

  10. I think I am gonna break down and get myself the Alphablock chart too. I have always admired Terri's and now yours.
    Love your Sheepish Disigns charts. I think I only have one chart of theirs.

  11. Very nice stash enhancement! One of favorite scenes from That Touch of Mink is when Doris has the bottle stuck on her toe!

  12. I say "Score!!!" on the stash enhancement, Edgar!! The Hedgehog sampler (from what I can see) looks adorable!

  13. Great mail day! Love the alphabets, "U" is such a cute block!

  14. Can I buy the Alphabet chart from you?
    Wow...what a stash you have. I can't get stashes right now. My husband just returned to work after his company closed back in April last year. We have just been trying to keep our house and with our kids help we have...but we are so behind on the bills. My stitching, tatting, bobbinlace and other things I do is what I call therapy and I would be so lost and depressed without it.
    I really enjoy reading your blog. You are so inspirational.

  15. I really love your comments about all the films you watched. I have to ask this because you seem to watch a lot of them.Do you watch and do cross stitch at the same time? And do TV channels in the States show so many films every evening?Or do you hire DVDs? Sorry for the too many questions. You really inspire me to watch movies!Ariadne from Greece!

  16. Lovely stitching and stash Edgar.