Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is that a Zebu in your Pocket?

GR&DF your kind words made my morning - it is still storming away with blustery winds and pouring down rain!! I think it is here to stay for the next few days. We have had such dry winters for the past many years that a nice wet one is a very good change!! Carol asked about what a Zebu was and I was very curious also as I stitched him up. A Zebu is a southeast Asian kind of water buffalo - for more info click HERE.

A couple of Zebu's pulling a plow

Yesterday just before dusk the sky broke through the clouds once more and we had another glorious rainbow -

This one was very large and spanned the entire city.

Last night I stitched some on my upcoming exchange and then moved on to Alphablocks,
here it was before getting rolled up for the evening -

I watched a number of flickers over the past few days. Let me start off with the oldest of them - "Charley's Aunt" - 1941 - starring Jack Benny, Kay Francis and Anne Baxter. This film adaptation of the popular play was a lot of fun. Set at Oxford University in 18090 or so it is a cross dressing, misidentifiction and greedy fun comedy. A very early role for Anne Baxter and a very late role for Kay Francis. It is great to see the ascending and descending stars interact on screen. The next flick would be "Dragonwyck" 1946 - starring Vincent Price and Gene Tierney and supported by Spring Byington, Walter Houston and Anne Revere. This Gothic drama set in the Hudson Valley was a winner!! I so enjoy Gene Tierney and she was wonderful playing against Vincent Price. "Sunset Boulevard" - 1950 - starring Gloria Swanson and William Holden is a favorite flick of mine that I have spoken of before. The last film I saw last night was a Netflix Pic - "I am David" - 2003 - starring Ben Tibber, James Caviezel and Joan Plowright. What a wonderful film even if the plot is a bit implausible you cant help but be moved by the adventure of this child. I am usually not a fan of child actors, but in this case Ben Tibber carries the entire movie on his his very young shoulders. The basic story is a child who for a reason you are not too sure of has grown up imprisoned in a Post WWII "concentration camp" in Communist Bulgaria. He has to escape and needs to make his way to Denmark. You don't know why nor do you know who has helped him with instructions. The big reveal/twist at the end even had mean old me choked up. I would highly recommend this film - at about 90 mins it isn't too long for you to be moved. There is a line of dialogue spoken by Joan Plowright that I really love... "most people are good" - a lesson for us all. All four are very good and very watchable films!!

There you go sports fans.
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  1. I now know what a Zebu is! Thanks for the info Edgar

  2. Your alphablocks are so pretty Edgar! You are really moving on this project. Beautiful rainbow!

  3. I only know what a "Zebu" is from a Veggie Tales movie that my kids use to watch! They are beautiful animals, aren't they?
    Your Alphablocks is looking sensational! Thanks for sharing it really is an inspiration!

  4. Dragonwyck and Sunset Blvd. are 2 of my fav's! I read your review a while back on "To Kill A King" with Tim Roth and we watched it last night. It was a very good movie and Tim Roth, as usual, was great! Another good movie from Netflix was "Defiance" with Daniel Craig. If you haven't seen it, be sure to add it to your queque. :)

  5. Oh, I read the book Dragonwyck years ago. I loved it. I'm sure I've seen the movie tood. Hope you are able to stay dry.

  6. Love the little pic of your Alpahbet. I like the change in colour you made to the Zebu's cart.

    What an amazing rainbow.

    Rainy days just mean time spent in and stitching. :)

  7. Hi Edgar!
    Your CHS Alphabet looks great. Are you stitching with 1 or 2 threads on the 36ct.? I'm debating on how to stitch it. Thanks.

  8. I always enjoy your film reviews. You have very ecletic tastes so there is something for everybody!

  9. Hi Edgar! We are starting to have a bit of rain out here in Virginia Beach, too... tho it is 40 degrees cold!! Your Alphablocks are looking so wonderful... great job! I saw 'I am David' a while back and also really enjoyed it. Right now, I have one of your suggestions ready to go back, "The Songcatcher" I cannot tell enough people to watch it, it was SO GREAT! Thanks for the review! 'The Proposal' is next in my queue. However, not getting a whole lot of stitching done with these captivating films!


  10. Great stitching, Edgar. I can't believe how fast you're getting this done! Love the rainbow pic and thanks for the reminder about the film - I am David. I wanted to see that but had forgotten about it.

  11. Wow Edgar you live in the land of rainbows lately! Beautiful progress on Alphablocks too.

  12. Edgar, the book I Am David is even better than the book.

  13. I love your Alphabet Sampler. Is the pattern yours or are you borrowing it? I would love to make it myself. If the pattern is yours can I buy the pattern from you when you are finished with it? Is this a stupid question? You have so inspired me with alot of your work. I love all the colors you have put into the Alpha Sampler. It is just beautiful and worth all the time you are putting in to it.
    Please let me know about the pattern.