Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Little Stitching, a Couple of Flicks more Murals and a Drawing

GR&DF what nice comments about everything!!! Yes, the home is pretty incredible - and the history that surrounds it..... first built as a single family home, in the 30's it was broken into a warren of apartments and stayed that way for decades - then brought back to a single home - while always retaining many of the original bits. Nanaknit asked if it was one of the famous Painted Ladies that are on Alamo Square - it is not one of them, but sits a block or so down from them and predates them by about 10 years.

I have been stitching along on AlphaBlocks and AEoL RR - up first would be my finished section on the RR -

This is Margaret's and it is really coming along beautifully - The floss that she chose is a gorgeous red over dyed by Threadworx. Ready for the mail next week.

Here is a snap of the small progress on the Alphblocks -

As you can see I have finished most of the rose bud things and most of the black blocks on the fourth line - not too exciting, but necessary. Even though I am still really liking this piece I am looking ahead to the Sheepish Designs sampler start........ How crazy is that!! I need to get a grip - as I still have to do the fill on the open blocks here. I guess that's what keeps us stitching away - the next project!

There have been many flicks over the Holidays - I did want to mention a few. First up would have to be "Evelyn Prentice" - 1934 - starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. A top rate film with the stars not play Nic and Nora Charles. The plot revolves around neglected rich wife and a murder. Everything about the film is good, costumes, photography, acting, dialogue. If you like William and Myrna (and who doesn't) then this is a film you should enjoy. Second up would be "Love Nest" - 1951 - starring June Haver, William Lundigan and a small part played by Marilyn Monroe. A cute if predictable film - returning Army Vet finds his wife has bought a dilapidated Apartment Building - and then an old Army buddy - Marilyn Monroe - moves in. The third film is "Strangers When we Meet" - 1960 - starring Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak, Ernie Kovacs, Barbara Rush and Walter Matthau. Infidelity in the suburbs - or sacrificing everything for love. An interesting film with some pretty good acting. I think one of the best things about this film are the cars that are shown - not as any plot vehicle but just in the outside scenes - really spectacular!! A little sappy a times but I kind of enjoyed this film.

Here are a couple more Clarion Street mural shots -

I was thinking over the Holiday that I have way too many things to stitch - in fact I probably have double SABLE - and why am I hanging on to charts and things I have already stitched???? With that in mind I also thought there may be some out there that missed the JCS Issue with the TiTD Sampler Chart. I thought it might be nice to have a small drawing for the JCS Magazine. -

This is a snap of my finished sampler in its old frame and the JCS Issue - so if you would like this copy of JCS to make your own TiTD Sampler - just leave a comment on this post before this Friday 1/8. I will have Rico draw a name over the weekend and announce the winner on Monday. Be sure to say in your comment you want to be entered in the drawing so I know not to leave you out. Good Luck!!

There you go sports fans! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments!!!

Take Care,


  1. Great progress on the RR and the alpha blocks. can't wait to see what color you decided on to fill in. and please add me into your drawing, i really do like that piece.

  2. That RR is truly stunning! And your alphabet looks great!

    I am so tempted by your giveaway I might burst! But I have too much stitching on my list that I hope to get done this year already and two little ones to tend to. I fear getting my hands on that chart would push all other things aside! So don't include me for fear I might win. I can't believe I'm saying that... But really, one of my 2010 resolutions is avoiding temptation for stash and excessive amounts of chocolate :) Good luck to the rest of you!!! :/

  3. Nice shots of the murals! Your stitching looks good!

  4. I already have the magazine so don't need to be entered in the drawing. Just had to say your progress on the Alphabets is wonderful! And that Quaker RR is gorgeous too! Those mural pics are just amazing -- it must be fun to see them in person!

  5. Great post as usual! The RR is great as well is the alpha blocks. We have a few murals around town here. Not quite as detailed as those you found.There is one company here in town that caught some of the local kids putting graphetti ( sp? isn't looking right) on another building. The owner of the company that caught them seen what they had done he was so impressed that he hired them to do a wall for him at his company. I have no idea if the guys got any nore 'ligit' jobs! LOL! Please enter me in your lovely drawing! TiTD would look great stitched for one of my rooms.

  6. OK. I bite. What's "SABLE"? I have the magazine so I don't need to be entered in the giveway, thanks.

    The RR is beautiful - the thread chosen looks gorgeous.

    And your alphabet blocks are just wonderful. But I know what you mean, you're itching to start the new SD stitch and it's calling loudly! Looking forward to seeing more pics!:-)

  7. Gorgeous red thread on the RR piece! I think you have made good progress on your alphabet blocks. I always think of the next project while I am stitching too!

    I already have that issue of JCS, but someone will be a lucky winner!

  8. Catching up with your blog is such a treat! Your pics always make me feel like I've taken a mini trip to SF - and get to see the best parts of the city - not just the touristy bits that everyone sees!
    I've just started my love affair with samplers - I'd love to be entered into your drawing!
    As always - your stitching is beautiful - and "enabling" - LOL! :)

  9. please enter my name in your drawing
    wishing you and yours a peaceful and happy 2010

  10. All looking so good! I know what you mean about "already looking forward" I NEED to be a faster/more organized stitcher...but then would it still be fun, or would it become only an obligation? I think a *bit* more organization WOULD help the fun, but too much will make it a chore.

    Well. I agree with your idea that having too much stuff is no good, and have also privately resolved to give away my finished charts (most of them, at any rate...but, I have yet to "finish" anything since making that decision!!

    What does the acronym "SABLE" stand for, please?

    (a few days ago, the meaning of "BAP" came to me mid-paragraph as I was reading a blog, and I lol'ed for a solid minute. :D)

    Oh, please leave me out of TitD--I actually went and picked up that mag after seeing your (IMO best-out-there) finish of it.

  11. The RR looks great! Please enter me in your drawing. I decided that if I win a drawing it is not the same as purchasing a chart so my New Year's resolution is still intact and unbroken.

  12. I love everything - especially the RR and wish I would have asked to join!!! I love Quakers but it's too late now. Margaret's is stunning - I love red and also your CHS Alphabet. Also your photos of of the Sampler you stitched from JCS is glorious but please do NOT enter me into the draw for it because I probably have as much, if not more stash than you do!
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  13. TiTD Looks fantastic Edgar. I love how it looks framed up.

    Have a great Day

  14. Alpha is coming along beautifully!! I also enjoyed your snaps of the murals. Our little town has a wonderful college and the art students have done some amazing murals in a couple alleyways uptown pertaining to the town's history. Such talent :)

    How nice of you to have a giveaway so soon! Please include me:


  15. Hiya Edgar,
    I have just gotten back into the Cross stitching mode after my husband lost his job of over 30 years. It has been really hard on us here. Loosing of his job was just plain "Greed for more MOney", but this year I hope will be so much better. I love your blog and have looked at your stitching which is beautiful. I even tried to get the magazine for the Le Jarden Des Sampler you did with all the trees. Which I just found out the name of the peice is "The Trees" I think in French. I can't get the pattern but I so love looking at yours.
    Please enter me in your giveaway. I love samplers.

  16. I love your Alphabet Blocks, I have that in waiting but I have so many projects I want to do ahead of that. I would love to be entered into your drawing please. You start all of your posts with "GR&DF" can you tell me what that means? I'm sure it's probably as plain as the nose on my face, but I'm going nuts trying to figure it out!

  17. Just wanted to say that RR is looking amazing. What a great colour.

    Loveing your alphabet blocks too. I am waiting to see what you will do for the fill!

  18. I adore the sampler and would love to take part in the drawing.In Greece we don't get this type of magazines or charts.We get lots from England,Italy,Spain and Germany but they are of a different type of cross stitch.The States are too far away!Anyway I would love the magazine even only the chart!Ariadne from Greece! ariadnesky@hotmail.com

  19. The "next project" is what sustains us through the boring parts of all the things we're stitching now, although you have a much better record of finishing than I do!

    Your current works are lovely.

    Thinking of that lovely home and flix--have you reviewed/seen Pacific Heights? I remember it as being a fun thriller with a great SF house in the starring role, although it may seem tame these days.

    And yes, please enter me in your giveaway for the JCS issue. Thank you!

  20. Your alphabet blocks look great! I wish I had the ambition to take on this project. I am so in love with "THIS IS THE DAY" and have looked at the JCS so many times, but hey, if I win, this would be excellent! Thanks for the chance.

  21. Your work is SO beautiful, and I enjoy ALL of your photos too!! Keep posting and stitching! Please enter me in your drawing, can't wait.

  22. What a beautiful give-away!!! I hope i will win.

    Greetings from Debby,
    the Netherlands

  23. Man, you stitch like a steam engine! The RR is beautiful and the blocks are moving right along. Please throw my name into the drawing for the JC mag. I would love to get the chart for the sampler. Thanks!

  24. Hi Edgar! You are really rolling on the Alpha blocks! I finally finished watched all the 'Thin Man' movies that were on recently on TCM! They were great! Loved little Aste!! He was a card! Will look into renting 'Evelyn Prentice'. Please enter me in the drawing for the magazine.



  25. Edgar, I really like the sampler, it's beautiful! Please enter me in your drawing for the magazine.

    Thanks so much

  26. Beautiful progress on your alpha blocks Edgar, and the RR is looking great too!
    I would love to be included in your JCS issue drawing. Thank you.
    LISA V

  27. I'm loving your alphabet blocks and think that you really are a fast stitcher. Especially working on the RR as well. Beautiful stitching.

  28. Love it! Need to be in the drawing!
    Wow, I'm so tempted to pull alphabet blocks out...yours is great.

  29. You have speedy needles! Great progress on the alphabet. Please add me to your drawing, I love that design! Thanks!

  30. Oooh! Please include me in your drawing! This is a design I would really liket to stitch!
    Love your pictures!

  31. It looks wonderful...I would love to be entered. Dianntha dilessig@gmail.com

  32. Happy New Year Edgar and many thanks for the beautiful Christmas Card which arrived today. Our post is always slow this time of year but that must be a record!

  33. What a beautiful RR! I'm enjoying watching your progress on the alpha blocks, it is such a lovely pattern.

  34. Alphablocks is looking wonderful. Those murals are something!

    Don't sign me up for the giveaway. I still have my copy along with a WIP sitting lonesome in the corner.

  35. I love the Alphablocks..wel done. I would love to enter your draw..JCS are a rare thing over here on the Emerald Isle!

  36. I would love to be entered in this drawing. I subscribed to this magazine in the middle of last year, so I don't have this one. Thanks for being so generous.

  37. You've made some great progress on alpha blocks!

    I would love to be entered into the drawing for the mag, I love TiTD. Would you add in your color conversion?? It's so pretty :)

    Thank you!

  38. Edgar,
    I'd like to be included in this drawing. Thanks for your generosity. I'm crazy about that alphabet that you're doing - good job!

  39. Oooh Edgar wonderful post and of course I would love to be entered in your draw as we can't get those mags over here and that design is lovely. I'm thinking I should have a little giveaway soon.

  40. I would love to have this JCS magazine! Please enter me in your drawing Edgar! I ordered this mag, as well as a few others, and the folks at Hoffman never charged me, lost the order, and I never received anything! So, I would love to have it.

    I love keeping up with your blog and fun happenings. Although I don't comment much, I'm checkin' up on ya!

    Thanks for keeping cyberspace fun.

    Laura B in Utah

  41. Thanks for sharing your progress! Your stitching is beautiful.

    And as always, I love your reviews of the old flicks!

    And finally, I would love to have a chance to win the mag!
    Thanks so much!

  42. Edgar, I would love to be entered in the draw for the magazine please, which I can't buy in my neck of the woods.

  43. I love your alphablocks - I wouldn't bother filling in the backgrounds as it looks wonderful as is. I've been fighting the temptation to enter this contest all week and am giving in... :)

    Hope you have a couple of good "me" days!


    snowslippers @ aol.com

  44. Hi Edgar
    Hope I'm not too late to enter. I just love this chart and it is not easy to get JCS where I am. Thanks Jocelyn

  45. Just wanted to be added into the giveaway. Can't believe I almost forgot!

  46. Edgar
    I love reading your blog. I am enjoying your CHS alphabet chart. If you are still undecided about the filling in the bottoms, you should check out Kathys at Carriage House website. She used lots of different colors on the bottom. Please add me to your drawing.

  47. Thank you for your thougthfulness in having the drawing! ....and yes, please enter me for an opportunity to stitch JCS's TiTDnity Sampler.

    LOVE the RR!!!


  48. The Alphablocks is coming along nicely!

    Please enter me for the JCS drawing.

    What is SABLE??

  49. Love alpha blocks and your progress is brilliant.

    Please may I be entered into the drawing for the mag, after seeing yours all finished and framed I would love to stitch it too.

    Thanks and Hugs Su


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