Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Mail and some Flicks

GR&DF I do thank you for such nice comments yesterday about my little bit of re-charting. I had quite a few emails about the Q square and my other changes - I will try to post them all when I finish the sampler - but I am so bad about making notes if you don't see and explanation about anything feel free to ask.

Yesterday the mail brought me some wonderful things from two very dear friends I have made here because of blogging.

From the Holiday Exchange Blog I received my Valentine Exchange from my partner Becky. She once again spoiled me with her package - as she is wont to do....... The beautiful box arrived...

and after taking the brown paper from the mail off was this beauty!! Opening up the box I found that Becky had filled it with such goodies..... candy, ribbon buttons, Valentine decorations..... my goodness poor spinning head!!

with the star piece being a gorgeous needlbook.....

beautifully stitched and finished!!! This opens to reveal...

lovely brown and blue paisley pieces for needles - and there are even some needles already there! I am just in love with this needlebook. Not only because it is beautiful and came from sweet Becky but because it gives me hope. The hope you ask about.... I have avoided the needlebook finish because of my non-sewing skills - but the construction of this needlebook I might actually be able to accomplish - It is beautiful, functional and inspirational!! How often can you say that. Thank you so much dear friend for the wonderful exchange!!!

The mail also brought a sweet gift from another dear friend - Donna - a friend I made a couple of years ago when she organized the LHN RR that I participated in.

Donna had sent me an email a few weeks back telling me she wanted to get me a chart that I wanted and what would I like to have. Well, I thought about it for a moment or so and then almost immediately said "Paradise Lost" by Plum Street Samplers - and so slam bang it arrived yesterday. This was such a very generous and kind gesture - Thank you so much dear sweet Donna!!! I now need to think about stitching it up and wondering if it can take a Belle Soie Conversion..... I wonder????

Sherry asked what was up on the stitching agenda after AlphaBlocks - nxt up is "Memorial Sampler" from Midsummer Night Designs.

Picture from the chart pack - I will need to chart out my family names. I had wanted to do this last year and got all the floss but just never got a good piece of linen I liked. I also ran out stitching time - Now I have a great piece of linen and it is next up so it will get done over the next few months.

The flicks for today start off with a hum dinger - "To Each His Own" - 1946 - starring Olivia de Havilland, John Lund and Mary Anderson. This film is one I had not seen before and really enjoyed. Set around 1917 the story is told in flashback and evolves around a small town girl in "trouble." This trouble is adopted by another woman after the loss of her baby. The story wraps up with a teary revealing scene in London during WWII. Certainly a woman's film from the period - Olivia de Havilland was very good. For a real tour de force picture of Olivia's watch "The Heiress" - 1949 a great film with a great actress!! Next up - "It Should Happen to You" - 1954 - starring Judy Holliday, Peter Lawford and in his first starring role on film Jack Lemmon. A delightfully breezy comedy of a girl that wants to make a name for herself - and does she ever - in a big way!! Then ensues all the hilarity and of course and love triangle. The direction is by that super director George Cukor. The next flicker is "Bell, Book and Candle" -1958- starring Kim Novak, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Elsa Lanchester and Hermione Gingold. Another great comedy with a magic touch of the mortals and the supernatural. The last film today was last nights flicker - "Pennies from Heaven" - 1981 - starring Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters and Christopher Walken. A superb but dark musical of the depression. I have alwys enjoyed this filom and over the years has gotten a big cult following.

It's getting late so I will sign off dear ones!!
Thank you again for your visit and your kind comments do come again!

Take care,


  1. Love it all! Looking forward to seeing your new start and the linen you wound up finding for it! :D

    Sounds like some interesting movies; I need to start making notes on ones you talk about that seem interesting to me so that I can look them up when that rare movie-mode strikes me!

  2. What a great holiday exchange! Becky was definitely good to you and you deserve it. I love the needle book. How nice that you got Paradise Lost! It is a beautiful design but I tend to shy away from it because of the size and details. I am looking forward to watching your progress on your next stitch.

  3. What a super mail day. I love Becky's needlebook - so beautiful! And you now have PL - that's a gorgeous piece and on my wishlist for 'someday'.

    The memorial sampler is nice. I have always loved that verse!

    I contacted Em-Li's yesterday. Though I couldn't find any SD I'd wanted, I ended up scoring some nice sale charts!

  4. Great gifts Edgar - especially love that beautiful needlebook! I look forward to 'your' needlebook finish in the future.

    Much prefer your Q - Quilt - a nifty piece of work

  5. Wow! What great gifts! Becky is a talented stitcher and finisher! And Paradise Lost - yum! I love it! It's been on my wish list since I saw it! Can't wait to see that one in progress, as well as your other one!

  6. A wonderful exchange and a great gift! The needle book is lovely!

  7. What a fantastic exchange! That needlebook is a real show stopper! And Donna is such a sweetie.

  8. Great mail! I've always wanted to stitch the memorial sampler as well.

  9. What lovely gifts to receive :-)
    Can't wait to see your next start

  10. Becky's needlebook is gorgeous. I know you'll cherish it.

  11. I just saw this piece over on Becky's blog and I have to say that you're one lucky person to receive such a beautiful piece and all those goodies. I like the piece that you're going to start stitching. I've never seen it before, but looks like it will be a great stitch.

  12. Wow, you got Paradise Lost by Plum Street Sampler. I also wanted this sampler but with a price tag of $18.00 for it, I couldn't afford it so I put it on my wish list for Christmas. It was the only way I was going to get it. My daughter got it for me for Christmas. Now I have to wait until I can afford a piece of linen to do it in. When I get the linen I will be stitching it. If I had your email address...I would write to you instead of these long blog posts. LOL

  13. Hurray for Edgar! I'm so glad for the post office that you got it undamaged! I searched all over for your card at the Hallmark shop, I had to get you the bestest card!
    Have fun stitching!

  14. Enjoy your new chart - such a thoughtful gift! What a wonderful Valentine package you received. The needlebook Becky made you is just gorgeous - so elegant!