Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Few More Films...

Gentle Friends, Saturday morning is rolling along as usual... we've gone to Safeway, stopped off at Noahs Bagels for some breakfast and I finished up the second load of laundry!!  Now it's time to settle down with Agnes and some film>  This weekend will be all about...

Alice Faye (May 1915 – May was an American actress and singer, Old Hollywood Movies, Old Hollywood Glamour, Golden Age Of Hollywood, Vintage Hollywood, Hollywood Stars, Hollywood Actresses, Classic Hollywood, Classic Actresses, Female Actresses
Alice Faye

I really enjoy her films!!  My AF marathon really started last night with my watching "Alexanders Ragtime Band." - 1938 - This film viewing was prompted by watching earlier in the evening "Witness for the Prosecution" -1957 - with Tyrone Power.  It was the Tyrone Power connection that led to the I got to thinking about AF I that have both sets of DVDs that were put out with her films  AND I hadn't seen them in a while so...

The first set includes: "Lillian Russell" - 1940, "On the Avenue" -1937, "That Night in Rio" -1941, and "The Gangs All Here"- 1943.   
The Alice Faye Collection, Vol. 2 | Daedalus Books | D78359
The second set includes  "Rose of Washington Square" -1939, "Hollywood Cavalcade" - 1939, "The Great American Broadcast" - 1941, "Hello, Frisco, Hello" - 1943 and "Four Jills in a Jeep" - 1944

These fun films I've seen many times before and will totally enjoy then once again.  I've put them in chronological order because I'm just a bit on the nutzo side... and I like to see them that way... so dear friends it's off to the movies for me!!  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!  Stay Safe!

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  1. Dearest Edgar: I think she was a natural beauty and soooo talented.
    Have a beautiful weekend with the babies and Edgar.


  2. Enjoy your film fest! My husband has been watching the Marvel movies in chronological order on Disney+. He'd only seen one of them here or there when one of our sons asked him to go with them. First off, who knew there are so many of them! Tonight we'll watch the last one. "Watch" is a loose term for me; he watches while I stitch and listen to them. Next we're going to tackle the Star Wars movies chronologically. At least we've seen all of them and will know what's going on! hahaha

  3. Hmmmm....I am not sure I am familiar with any of these....Going to have to look someofthem up.... Hope you're enjoying your Sunday ~Robin~

  4. She is certaainly very pretty. Hope you had a good weekend!