Thursday, April 3, 2014

"The Secret Garden" - a Picture Heavy Post

Gentle Friends, last year about this time I posted about the Annul Flower Show at Macy's.  Last year it was called "The Painted Garden," this year it is called.......

 "The Secret Garden."  It  again starts off with the big picture windows on the street, which are really hard to get decent photos of.....

....  the music they were playing on the street was one of my favorite pieces, Clair de Lune by Debussy....

... once inside the main floral displays are throughout the first floor.... all over the perfume and makeup departments  they were on raised platforms....

... walking towards the middle of the store in front of the escalators was this....

... turning right and going into the watch department one encounters....

... and a detail shot of the dinosaur planters....

... they are just plastic with a hole cut in them, and then dipped in white and gold paint.... a bit odd for my taste...

... the main watch counter had this on top, and yes, that fountain was just splashing away.....  walking on towards the high end and fashion jewelry departments....

.... and in the middle of all the bling, where last year the elephant stood, was this flamboyant lady.....

..... the perfume department was also very floral...

... with lots of rusty and found objects.... like tires, fencing and a bathtub....

....and what flower show isn't complete without a rusty car wreck.....

Overall it was a lovely floral display and they really outdid themselves once again!!!   I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Macy's!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!

Take care,


  1. I enjoyed the trip to Macy's very much! Thanks for sharing with your readers.

  2. Thanks for the visual tour. It's quite beautiful but I would have to take a double dose of my allergy pill before I stepped in the door...haha.

  3. I enjoyed the trip so much..thank you for sharing dear xx

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! Love the lady in red!

  5. What the heck is with the dinosaurs?? I do not get it. But what do I know?? The rest is just gorgeous, and I adore the lady in red. I want to go have that dress made right now and find a staircase to parade down! Thank you for sharing the gorgeosity!!

  6. Love it. Wish more cities did this.

  7. Where did the time go ... seems like I was just reading your post about this event last year! Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Very beautiful displays! I can only imagine how amazing this is in person! Thanks for sharing your photos Edgar.

  9. Wow. Thanks for the tour.
    Barbara s.

  10. Thank you very much for sharing this. We are a long way off from these kinds of floral displays and it gives me hope!

  11. That's amazing! I wonder if the Macy's in NYC does that too. Gorgeous!

  12. Thanks Edgar, I did enjoy the trip to Macy's -just beautiful!!!!

  13. Clair de Lune is perfect with the gorgeous flower show. Oh to have them transform my back yard! I'd never leave.

  14. Just lovely, thanks for sharing.

  15. Really nice Edgar. Thank you for sharing. The things i miss about Macys.

  16. Wow, that's amazing. I've never seen anything like that outside of the Chelsea Flower Show.
    Actually I kind of <3 the little dinosaurs

  17. Such lovely pictures. You truly do live in an awesome city. Is that Mr. Rico I see in the lovely photo of the outside window? I love how this picture shows what is inside and also reflects what is outside at the same time.

    Ohhh Clair de lune is such a lovely example of how the piano can express so many emotions.

    Happy Weekend!

  18. Amazing displays! They sure don't do that in my neck of the woods. :D

  19. Hi Edgar

    I hope you received the pattern book in the mail that I returned to you last week. Please let me know so that I can be assured you got it.

    I hope you have a restful weekend.

  20. WOW!! Thank you for taking us to the flower show. I like the purple bicycles and even the funny little dinosaurs - maybe not in gold but I they would be very cute in a dino-obsessed kid's room

  21. WOW ... thanks for sharing Edgar, so very pretty, I bet the smell there was heavenly.

  22. How lovely, thanks for sharing. I especially like the ones with the bathtub, bicycle & car ~ they remind me of the displays you often see on traffic roundabouts in France.
    We had Clare de Lune played by the harpist at our wedding ~ such a beautiful piece.


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