Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dinner on 24th Street..... and a Peep report

Gentle Friends. I think I'll wrap up the week with our dinner from last Saturday.  On 24th Street are quite a few  restaurants, Noe Valley boasts a number a  really fine dining places.  One of these places is Le Zinc French Bistro.  It is a place I have seen since moving to the area 10+ years ago, but just have never stopped in for a meal - it always seems that we go out of the neighborhood to eat dinner.  We were invited by some friends and they settled on Le Zinc.  What a treat we in store for us......  here's some snaperoos..

... I started off my meal with some delicious escargots served on little potato slices with a side of sauteed mushrooms....

... Mindy ordered three Appetizers instead of one and dinner, the first to come out was this Saumon Fume one...  and....

... steak Tartare.....

.... Rico and Tom had the Salade du Jour, which was a Frizze salade with crouton and bacon...  the main courses we had were....

...steak with caramelized onion and pomme frites, Rico had this..... I had....

....... Boeuf Bourguignon, which is something I really enjoy and this did not disappoint, it was delicious!!  Tom had.....
...Saumon aux Epices.........and Mindy's third Appetizer came out....

.....Ravioles au Crabe......  we wrapped up the meal with these tasty deserts.....

... Tom had these Profiteroles au Chocolat......  Mindy and Rico had.....

... this impressive Fraise Melba.... and I had ......

.... this warm Tarte Tatin......  It was a wonderful meal!!!!

The Peep report for today ventures back into the combination of chocolate and Peep.....

...... but with much better results.....

..... I think it is the ratio of Peep to chocolate that makes these much more successful than the other fully dipped Peep.  These also are the traditional Peep were the others were not.  

The peeps are just regular white inside dusted with yellow sugar, but then just the bottoms are dipped in chocolate, which when bitten into has a nice little crunch/snap to the chocolate.  On the Peep-o-meter I would have to say they rate 6 almost a 7, so lets go with 6.5.  i think they would be better with a dark chocolate they were certainly quite tasty!

Our Easter Lilly is really lovely and blooming to beat the band.....


That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!! 
 I'll be back next Tuesday.

Take care,


  1. Beautiful and delicious looking meals you enjoyed with your friends.
    Stunning lily plant, have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Dearest Edgar: What a lovely and scrumptious looking meal, wow, ya gotta love them peeps, I love these little birds, I look forward to them every year, jusy like popcorn balls at Christmas tiome what memories from my childhood.

    Happy Easter to you all


  3. Delicious meals you enjoyed with your friends..,so beautiful..
    Pretty lily plant, have a lovely Easter.hugs xxx

  4. That dinner looks fantastic, It is fuin to try new places :)

    i am loving your peep ratings... Now I have to go look for these peeps before work tonight LOL

  5. Yummy! I've never seen Peeps dipped in chocolate. The Easter Lily is beautiful!

  6. Goodness...such yummy looking things to eat...well, except of course for the tartare...I just have to draw the line at eating things with a pulse! :)

    All is forgiven of course when I got a glimpse of the Peeps....yum!

    May I ask when are we gonna get a snap of your awesome stitching again?

    Wishing you a most blessed Easter Weekend. :)

  7. I see you didn't have a chance to flip your shell (like Pretty Woman)LoL. It all looks very good to me. Hope y'all have a joyful Easter celebration!

  8. Wonderful peep report! I am amazed to see so many different kinds! All of that food looks quite amazing, especially my faves the steak tartare and profiteroles! YUM!

  9. Oh my gosh, your dinner looks amazing! Wow! I want go go eat there now. Those peeps look good too. Having just the bottom be chocolate dipped makes much more sense.

  10. Hi Edgar,
    I had to let you know I found the chocolate dipped Peeps!

  11. Love the Lily. And your Peep reports.

    Wow, the presentation of the food at the restaurant was impressive.

  12. What a delightful post, a wonderful restaurant, a Peeps report and, a beautiful Easter Lilly!

  13. Thank you for sharing your meals, now I have menu envy... Looks like you all had a wonderful meal. Thank you also for your Peeps report - I can only imagine the sugar overload as we don't get Peeps here. I've had a scroll back, didn't realise how much I've missed reading all my 'friends' blogs these past few months... thank you for your inspiration

  14. What a fab meal...I would have had to sample everyone's meal. =) Happy Easter to you!

  15. Catching up on my blog reading and your last three posts have left my stomach growling and I just finished a very nice breakfast!! Sounds like you had a wonderful meal and time with friends. I do miss living in the city sometimes...

  16. That's some fancy food! Not only can I not pronounce most, I don't what it is!