Monday, April 28, 2014

A Little "Briar Patch" Stitchin'

Gentle friends. another weekend quickly passed.... why is it that weekends creep up, fly by and then are 5 looong days away????  It's a phenomenon I do not understand but deal with constantly.  :)

This past weekend was no different from others, we shopped at thrift and consignment stores, 
ate out, drove around , visited a lovely space......  and I stitched.

Today let me show you an updated snaperoo of the "SMS"......

... as you can see I spent the weekend stitchin' with the darkest brown, "Briar Patch."  I finished out the right side arm and couple of the wavy lines.  It seems that quite a bit was done , but there is still a mountain left.....

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Such a beautiful project Edgar, its so pretty.

  2. Wow! This sampler is absolutely gorgeous, Edgar. How are you enjoying the higher count linen? It sure looks like you're zipping along at a good rate. I know you must have posted the name and designer for this sampler earlier in your blog posts, but I've been quite lax with keeping up with the blogosphere lately. Is this a Scarlet Letter reproduction sampler? Beautiful stitching as always.

  3. I agree completely with your comments about the weekends flying past us..!

    Your stitching is looking good!!!

  4. So delicate looking. And big. Big and delicate! So different from what I'm used to and really beautiful.

  5. Weekends are great and your stitching is great, too!!

  6. It is looking really nice. I see you like to do the border in phases too. Drives me nuts!

    Also, I found a silver coffee set at a rummage. I know you are always finding silver stuff. There's a picture on my blog
    I think I made out decent on getting a silver plated set for $5.