Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunch on 24th Street.... and a Peep Report

Gentle Friends, over the last week or so we have been enjoying our neighborhood, 24th Street, much more than usual.  If you remember it is down the hill a couple of blocks from our home so it is very convenient and there is lots to see and do..... and quite a few fun places to eat!!

On Saturday, after running around, we decided to stop at a great hamburger place called "Barney's."  There are 8 locations in the Bay area and two location down by Los Angeles.  

...  it's nice that there is a choice of dining inside or out on the patio in front.  We decided to eat inside..... the menu has lots of variations on the hamburger theme....

.... and if you can't find something that looks good you can always make you own burger up.  We started off with a basket.....

.... of some delicious steak fries....  Rico ordered a Sunshine Burger and I ordered.....

... a guacamole burger without a bun and so rare it was still moo-ing.  I do like that they will cook to order.  But, what I really come here for is.....

a Turkish Coffee Shake, delicious!!!!  And, so big you can take some home to enjoy later!!

The Peep report for today is about a limited edition Peep.....

... Vanilla Creme.....  they are all white and have bright sprinkles all over them.   When you pop open the package you can really tell they are Vanilla, the aroma is really strong.

... they look like regular Peep's and have a delightful vanilla flavour, so on the old Peep-o-Meter they rate about a 7.2.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Now that's a new one to me!What's a Turkish coffee shake? Is it like the Greek Frappe?ariadnesky (at)hotmai(dot) come

  2. I live in the East Bay, so lucky to have three Barney's within 15 minutes drive from my house. Awesome blackberry milkshakes too, but Turkish Coffee is my fave indulgence, as are the deep-fried oh-so-bad-for-you mushrooms and onion rings. Love the cornmeal they add to the batter.

  3. Hi Edgar,
    Just wanted to let you know about some other Limited Edition Peeps. I have seen Blue Raspberry, Birthday Cake, and Alex's Sweet Lemonade. I have tried the lemonade flavor - very strong lemon taste, but good. Also a portion of sales of this flavor benefit Alex's lemonade stand charity. Oh yeah, they also have chocolate covered raspberry peeps that are pretty tasty. I live in Maryland and have seen these at a local Walmart. Keep enjoying the season of Peeps!

  4. Dearest Edgar: I love the look of that hamburger, what looks like guacamole yum, I am a lover of Peeps, however I have never tried the vannila, soooo will do so this weeafter shopping.

    Happy Easter


  5. Turkish coffee shake! My mouth is watering.

  6. Barneys!! Yum! I love that place although I've been to the one in the Marina more...no idea why since I like Noe better. Now I feel like a burger. :)

  7. What a cool place to eat...but I have to get mine well done...no hoof prints on my forehead thank you very much! :)

    Love the Peeps updates...YUM! Oh and the Turkish Coffee Shake looks double YUM! :)

    You have such a cool place to live...are you sure you don't need to adopt me...I'd share my stash with you. :)

  8. Well, it all looks YUM to me... burger, fries, shake and PEEPS! Love the sparkly peeps, much prettier than the lemonade peeps! Enjoy!

  9. That burger looks delicious, but mine would definitely not be mooing! I always enjoy your sense of humor!

  10. OMG, the burger pic is making me want a burger again. lol! And the shake -- OMG. Those peeps look really good!

  11. Edgar, this post is making me very hungry!! Thanks for the peep report! That restaurant looks awesome!

  12. Yum! I have got to remember Barney's the next time John & I are in SF : )

  13. Burger looks delish!! Not a fries person but I do like a GOOD burger once in a while.

    I don't think I'd care for the vanilla Peeps. I want the ole fashioned marshmallow pink or yellow ones. The only other Easter candy I treat myself with each year is Cadbury Creme Eggs....YUM!!!