Friday, January 10, 2014

How About a Scary TV Show?????

Gentle Friends I am such a ding sometimes....  I am still working on "Christmas band Sampler" and meant to snap a picture last night after I popped it out of the q-snap, but totally forgot - I was dealing with the last "out for a pee" with the who-hounds and it just slipped my mind....  so what to post about...  how a bout a TeeVee show we are totally obsessed with..."American Horror Story"

We got caught up with the current season back at the beginning of November , watched all the back episodes we had missed of ......

 ....Season 3 - Coven, On Demand and now can.t wait until 10pm Wednesday evening for the next new instalment!!  We missed the first two seasons, but have made that up, for Christmas I got Rico the BluRay of

 Season Two - Asylum, and we devoured that in two days of solid Horror TeeVee. 

Last week I got the BluRay from DVD planet.....

first Season I - "Murder House" and we started that up last night watching the first two episodes.  What a super two shows!!

Let me just say I am not a fan by any stretch of the imagination of scary things, horror in any form, or the "blood and guts" films that pass for entertainment today............ but I just can't get enough of these shows - what's up with that????   

I also wanted to say... could Jessica Lang and Frances Conroy be any more wonderful??  and the other actors, what super jobs they do!!  I know it's not a show for everyone, I thought it wasn't a show for me, but I am now a convert and wait with baited finger on the clicker for each episode!!

That's about it for today sports fans, have a great weekend!!

Take care,


  1. Oh, Edgar, let me tell you. I am a subscriber of Netflix, and I caught the first season by accident because I love Nip/Tuck which was also an FX show, and I tried stitching while watching the first episode and I wound up not stitching at all! The first season was wonderful and a few days ago I just finished watching the second season, Asylum. I am totally hooked also! Waiting with baited breath for the next season to be available on Netflix!

  2. I forgot all about American Horror Story! I watched the first season and just forgot about the show. I do agree, Jessica Lange is great! We have Netflix so I will have to see if the 2nd season is on there.
    Have a super stitchy weekend.

  3. Oh I can't believe you mention this series!No I am not watching it. But recently it became very famous in Greece because one of the new posters of Coven the one that shows a house is in Greece! And guess what is is in my neighbourhood, two minutes walk away from my place!I am sending you the link!
    to understand which one I mean! This building stands like that because it belongs to the Italian country, it was their embassy and they have no money or no reason to renovate it. I hope they will one day or give it to our municipality to do so.Sorry for the long comment but I got excited to tell you. Shall I send you a couple of photos of the real thing tomorrow?AriadnefromGreece!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this series, American Horror Story! I think Jessica Lange is superb in them and I love the concept of having a cadre of actors playing completely new roles each season (as well as a totally new theme and plot each year.)
    So far, the first season was my favorite. I'm enjoying Coven a great deal, but still love the first year the best.
    Now we need to get you and Rico hooked on The Walking Dead!! Have you watched it? AMAZING characters and the acting is top notch. Yes, there are zombies in it, but the show is SO great and suspenseful and I bet you money you'll get hooked and want to devour the previous seasons over a long couple of weekends. You do need to watch them I order from the first season up to the current one which returns to AMC again in February. You have a month to catch up and get HOOKED, Edgar!

  5. OMG! I LOVE AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!! I got hooked last season when asslyum was on. I never caught the first season. I can't wait until Wednesday nights!

  6. I'm not a fan of horror either. lol! Um. I don't know.....

  7. I watched several episodes of the first season and then must have lost more brain cells because I forgot to watch the rest. Thanks for mentioning it. Will make a note to watch!

  8. This is a show that I never would have imagined that I would like, but it's a winner! Adds in a level of excitement that I found to be missing from the season opener of Downton. :)

  9. I am thinking maybe I need to give this series a try. But that snake picture, not sure!

  10. I only ever watched the first season of American Horror Story, strange but good! However, I agree with Kevin, you gotta watch The Walking Dead, the best show on tv EVER!!!

  11. Love American Horror Story. I do think this season IS Better than the second season. Jessica Lange is amazing!

  12. I caught the first season of this on Netflix too and loved it! Was very excited to see that the second season is now up and plan on viewing it in a couple marathon stitching sessions as soon as time allows.

  13. Love American Horror Story. I do think this season IS Better than the second season. Jessica Lange is amazing!

  14. All I can say is, me too. I've never been a fan of horror, but loved the first series. Asylum is on NetFlix now, so I've seen a couple. And I'm watching Coven, too.

  15. I adored season 1 and liked season 2 ok, I am finding I just cannot get interested in season 3 for some reason.