Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Thrifty Thursday

Gentle Friends the week is winding down and we are once again at Thrifty Thursday, and here's a snap...

.....  I found a couple of books, "The Elf on a Shelf - A Christmas Tradition Gone Bad" was just waiting to happen.  A funny book with a quirky take on the phenomenon of "The Elf on a Shelf."  The other book is one I have seen kicking around for a while and finally found this copy for a couple of dollars, it looks interesting and should be right up my alley.  The Icon is really great, a nice newish piece that fits right in with the rest of my Icons and things - not sure who the saint might be..... any guesses??

And, there you go sports fans, a short post today.  Remember tomorrow is the last day sign up for the "Christmas Band" chart Gift-a-Way.  If you want to enter just click HERE and you will be taken to last Friday's post and can leave a comment there to get you name in the BoD  (Bowl of Destiny)  Thanks again  for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Dearest Edgar: Wow I love the book Elf on a shelf, I have collected the red and green elf's for years, they ate a hoot.
    The Mary Icon is beautiful.

  2. Oh fun! Both books sound interesting to me. Love the icon too.

  3. Great stuff, Edgar! My little great- niece (3 years old) does not like the elf. She thinks he is spying on her.

  4. I love the icon. It is the Archangel Michael. (although I picture him as much more handsome)

  5. My mum says it is an angel in the icon!AriadnefromGreece!