Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Gentle Friends its once again Thrift Thursday and I did find a little something Saturday at one of the Goodwill's I visit.... and here's a snaperoo....

....  it is a lovely, heavy, SP well and tree platter.  Made by Reed and Barton c. 1940 or so, it's in really superior condition with no silver loss at all and only the few knife marks.  I would love to know the pattern, but have been unable to figure it out or find it on the Internet, it is similar to "Victorian" a very popular R&B pattern - but like I like to say - "Close but no cigar!"

You would think that I buy every silver, shiny thing I run up against, but in fact I pass on loads of stuff.  The story of this platter and how it came to my house......... it appeared at the Goodwill back at the beginning of December, and I have been circling it for over a month.  I felt the price, good, but not a bargain, and unless it is something I can't live without - it's got to be a bargain or deal.  Especially for silver plate, and if it's EPNS, the silver has got to be perfect, without flaw or loss.  Because with plated pieces any flaw or loss in the silver will lead to other problems and even for a few dollars, not worth the effort.

So like I said I have been circling this platter for over a month. Kind of like a silver vulture waiting to swoop in on the kill. I would visit it every Saturday and find it in the pile of SP platters of questionable quality and sort of shuffle it back to the bottom of the stack. This past Saturday they had marked all the silver things that had been around for a while 1/2 or more off and that made this piece a real bargain - so I snatched it up and bought it - leaving with my prize!!  It was of course in a really bad tarnished state, which is why I think so much lovely silver goes unbought, either people can't see past the tarnish or they don't want to polish off the black - either way, this lovely thing now lives at my house and will grace many a dinner to come.

How about last night's......

 "Coven", slam bang, it was a winner Episode if ever there was one!!  With only a couple more episodes I will certainly miss in until next Season.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks again for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Beautiful silver, I think you need to do a tutorial on your silver polish method I need help. The flat parts of tray are easy but the do you do it, what do you use?

  2. That is a really gorgeous platter...Congrats on your bargain!

  3. Nice new addition. Very unusual design to me. OMG - last night's episode! I can't wait to see how this 'season' ends. I think there may only be two more? I was trying to figure out when the last episode was to air but I didn't have any luck in my searches.

  4. You have really found some great silver!!

  5. Reed and Barton is headquartered in MA. Why not call and see if they can help you. They are very easy to deal with. Worth a try.