Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wrapping up the Week.... or I'm a Happy Camel!!

Gentle Friends today is my Friday, I took off Thursday and Friday so coupled with next Monday it will be a loooong weekend.... and the big plans so far are to shampoo the carpets!!!  WooHoo, life in the fast lane, watch out!!  I am though, very excited an feel that since it's Wednesday that I am the.....

Happy Camel!!!

I did want to show you a Thrifty Thursday snaperoo - since we did run around to a few Thrift/Consignments Shops and a couple of Estate Sales last Saturday and I found a few things....

I picked up the small 9" spring form pan (it looks brand new) to have another choice to bake with.  The two books, first the John Steinbeck, published by Collier, is from a set of JS books they put out in the mid 30's, I have a couple of other sets of Collier books by different authors and thought this would be a nice set of books to look for, and the "Ladies of Liberty:The Women who Shaped Our Nation" by Cokie Roberts, was only a $1 and since I have been watching the reruns of CSPAN's "First Ladies:Influence and Image" I am just fascinated by the conversations about the First ladies and am finding out just how much I didn't know and how influential these women behind the men were.  They Second Season starts up on September 9th and begins with Edith Roosevelt.  You can click to the CSPAN site and watch any of the programs that have aired so far.

Since I will not be here on Friday I think I'll post a snap of last Sunday afternoon........
....  the Smokie after playing grab-ass with the other Who-hounds, as you can see he has one of the 100's of toys the who-hounds drag all over the house.  This is one of 4 raccoon "Skinnnez" in the basket.  We have all of them and double and more of each.  We get the smaller size and the squeak (when new) can drive you crazy - the squeaker bit usually is the first thing to go, but they love them even when they stop squeaking.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by, 
do stop again and have a wonderful labour day Weekend!!!!

Take care,


  1. Enjoy your long weekend.

    I predict there will be some baking happening. ;-)

  2. I am soooo jealous! Hope you get some stitching and baking in!

  3. Enjoy the long weekend ... mine will be Fri-Mon ... almost as good as yours!

  4. Happy Labor Day weekend to you too Edgar & also to Rico : )

  5. Enjoy the rug shampooing. I need to do that but keep putting it off (the whole moving all the furniture around is such a pain). Hope you can squeeze some fun stuff into your long weekend too.

  6. Dearest Edgar: I just want to hug that little Smokie, he is so sweet looking.
    Love the camel pic, great finds, the books look very interesting.
    I love the spring pan you can never have enough baking pans in a home.
    Have a great extended week-end.
    Hello Rico and kids.

  7. Enjoy your extended weekend break.

  8. Enjoy your long weekend - I've got a 4-day myself. Yay! I think you will enjoy Ladies of Liberty. It's a great book!

  9. WOO HOO!!!! Enjoy your time off. Please find time for stitching. I also wanted to ask in general how things are there. The news keeps talking about the fires not being that far away - just wondering if you are being affected (breathing, etc).

  10. "Mike Mike Mike...Mike what day is it Mike?" Love that commercial!

  11. Never fear Who Hounds, I have a bag of 100 replacement "squeaks" for pet toys. Ok, I'm sure you and Rico just want to shoot me now.......

  12. Ahhh, yes. The SQUEAKER. Wonderful invention!
    Hope you get those carpets cleaned and hurry off to the all-important stitching! Have a great weekend!

  13. Hihihi (Lol) the camel picture is really funny.
    Have a nice week-end.
    Greetings from Germany

  14. Who doesn't love that camel? Yup, I have to admit I have been guilty of repeating "guess what day it is!" and "whoo-hoo!" family doesn't quite share my extreme happiness at the geico commercial but hey, it never fails to make me smile! Glad you were able to enjoy the long week-end!
    Also, I've seen every episode of the First Ladies. They're gems and I've enjoyed them immensely! (Thought maybe I was the only one left who still peeks at CSPAN.). Lol