Friday, August 23, 2013

Wrapping up the Week - Thrifting and Stitching

Gentle Friends we've made it to another another Friday and the weekend is here.  We really have no plans - just the usual running around, stopping off for breakfast somewhere, dealing with the grocery store and then on to the thrift/consignment shops.  I got emails for at least two Estate Sales I may have to stop in and check out.  Today let me catch you up on last weeks Thrift/Consignment/Estate Sale buys....

.... at an Estate Sale there were a few shelves of DVD's that I couldn't resist.  Most of them were of the "Horror/Comic Book Action/Thriller" Genre so I passed on the bulk of titles, but the ones I did pick up I am happy with.  I also found a book and a cookbook from the great Masterpiece Series "Upstairs Downstairs."  It is written as if Mrs. Bridges wrote them, there are little antidotes from the show, a fun little book - and Rico found the nice Icon of St Paul - over all a pretty good haul.

I took part in an HOE Ornament Exchange and my partner, Lynn - from over at OK Stitching News That Counts - The only parameter in the Exchange was that it be a Prairie Schooler Design, and Lynn picked a wonderful design.....

... this is the Church from Book 14 "Holiday Homestead" - it is stitched on a piece of stash linen using the recommended DMC thread, and filled with the most delicious lavender from Lynn's on garden.  What a super piece and it will look great with all my stitched ornaments.  Thanks so much Lynn!!!!

...... and I thought I would leave off the week with an quick update snap of the LK "Hallowe'en Mystery" sampler.....

... as you can see I made a slight change in the flowers, they are supposed to be done in the light "Honeysuckle" floss, but that was not working for me so I just frogged the pale yellow and then finished them off with the "Bullfrog" that the main stem was done in - and now they don't pop off the linen.  it looks like I am getting down to all that satin stitching and attaching the bits and pieces, it wont be long before I have this sucker all wrapped up.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again.... have a super weekend!!

Take care,


  1. Lovely stitching! That is a great piece. I have always liked that verse.

  2. Sweet stitching..
    Enjoy your weekend x

  3. Your mystery sampler is almost done! Beautiful! Lovely exchange too! Nice thrift finds! Have a great weekend!

  4. You are almost there! Looking great. Have a super week-end!

  5. Oh Edgar! I LOVE your St. Paul icon! What a find!

  6. Lovely exchange you've received.
    I'm sure the next time I see 'halloween' you'll be happy dancing a finish jig!

  7. great progress on Very Scary, have Upstairs Downstairs in my basket ready for the next DVD purchase.
    Labyrinth, so many memories I can'r even speak. my sis and I know it all by heart and quote it in times of need. soundtrack also plays in the stereo, a lot.
    dance magic dance, uh uh uh!
    hugs and happy xxx,