Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Clark County Fair - 2013 - (Photo Heavy)

Gentle Friends as you may have guessed we went to a County Fair - in fact it was the Clark County , WA Fair - and had a wonderful time. 

 This was actually the last snap I took, I turned around while waiting for the shuttle to go back to the car and thought what a great shot that sort of sums up the Fair.  Night was falling and the evening was really lovely.

 I think I will break up the posts and snaps over the next few days...  so here we go...

I love looking at the animals and the chickens where just super!!!.....

... isn't he great!!

... another chicken...

... and a sittin' down chicken....

... and these are not chickens, but beautiful in their own right.

there were lots of cows (I couldn't get a decent snap of any of them) and lots of goats...

... and lots of sheep, like this guy who had enough standing around!!

There were fruit judging.... like apples, and Washington is know for their apple crop!!

.... and an antique tractor exhibit, these are some great John Deere examples!!!

...  and of course needle work, lots and lots of gorgeous quilts, crochet and tatting but not much cross stitch..

... and of course canning fruit and jams and preserves!!  It was a lovely day the weather was perfect, mild and overcast without much bright sun.  it was only the second day so the crowds were not overwhelming and we could see everything. Tomorrow there will be some more, so stay tuned!!

Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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  1. Great photos! I love the county fair. Missed ours this year. The chickens who you thought were not chickens are Guinnea Fowl. The neighbors had 6 at one time and they visited my house regularly. Renowned bug eaters. My favorite exhibits are the animal barns, especially the chickens (but really I love them ALL). Thanks for posting this beautiful photos.

  2. Very exciting post Edgar, I love to see what is at your fairs in the US.

    Looking forward to Part 2 ......

  3. For all our problems...you have to love a country where they still awards prizes for the best jam.....long live the county fair.

  4. A great post today Edgar, I just love the chickens and the goats. The dark goat's coat looks so glossy and sleek.

  5. What a fun little county fair! I loved all those colorful chickens.

  6. What says summertime in the USA more than a county fair! Great post, Edgar ... love all the photos. Look forward to more of the tour in your post tomorrow!

  7. Wow, fantastic post! Looks like a great fair!

  8. How I wish we had fairs like that here in Oz!
    Loved the cardboard under the tractors to catch the oil drips LOL

  9. Great post Edgar but where are French lop ear rabbits and those chickens with the bad toupe? Lol

  10. Dearest Edgar: I love fairs they are so full of different things to see, of course the first place I go is the craft barn to see all the stitching and sewing and canned goods.
    Love all the different foods to try, yummy.

  11. What a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to more photos : )