Monday, August 19, 2013

.... and We Have a Winner....

Gentle Friends I had Rico pull a name from the BoD  - the who-hounds were running around somewhere and where not too interested in the drawing, which is odd as anything near to their level usually gets the attention of all of them quickly....  

well, the name he drew was.... Margaret from over at "Days of a Sampler Lover" -

 she has a super Blog and does some beautiful stitching, check it out!!  

It was a lovely Saturday here by the Bay, by Sunday the weather had changed up a bit and it had gotten to a sweltering 80 or so degrees with little to no breeze....  I had to put a fan in the door to get some air moving around and I had to change to my light weight sweats.....    I know I am totally spoiled with the gorgeous weather, and a little warmth was a nice change.  

I think that's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Thank you so much, Edgar! I'm so so excited! I'm a huge Anglophile as you know. As for the 80 degree weather -- yes, you are spoiled. lolol!

  2. You make me laugh, Edgar! Needing a fan on an 80 degree day... you would definitely not like the 114 we had on Saturday! I on the other hand would LOVE your 80 degrees! Have a great day today. And congrats to Margaret, I love her blog...

  3. Congratulations Margaret! Crazy weather, it feels like October here :)


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