Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fair Exhibits and Rides

Gentle Friends I have some more Fair snaps to share, I was asked how many pictures did i take over the 3 days I was on vacation - I went back and added together all the snaps and came up with about 130 or so - my motto "take more than you need, and delete the crappy ones!!!"

So here we go........

Just past all the quilts and needlework where these large exhibits of LEGO's and Lincoln Logs.  These Junior endeavours were great and so detailed and well thought out!!  BTW  I was a LEGO/Lincoln Log fanatic growing up so I really enjoyed seeing all the work that had gone into the construction of these buildings.

There was a huge exhibit of art form all age groups, and this is the only snap I got.  I was poised to get more but saw the sign "No Photography, Please" and so stopped.  I thought it odd that this sign was not at the front where you walk in, but kind of in the middle.  It was great seeing all the creativity and various mediums used by the young artists, there was watercolour, conte crayon, pen and ink, acrylic and oil on canvass, colour pencil, B&W and colour photography even magic marker, all kinds of things - they even had some sculpture.

Moving on to the flower area, there were just miles of tables with all kinds of flowers and plants....  these Dahlia's were really lovely...

...... and this table of Stargazer lilies was overwhelming, in colour and aroma!!  It's Rico's favorite flower so we have them around the house frequently, but there was way more variety than I have ever seen.

There was even a Junior Competition for those up and coming green thumbs - and they were just as good if not better examples of flowers and plants on display.

Now, I am not a fan by any stretch of the imagination of rides the spin out of control, or flip over, or drop at alarming rates, but I do enjoy seeing them in action.....  "The Viper" above, sort of wobbled about fast in circles and each arm spun uncontrollably in alternating circles with three cars hanging precariously at the end of each arm and those were spinning in circles.......  basically a sort of out of control night mare in my opinion, but there was a line to get on it and lots of screaming, so I guess those that rode it found it exciting and fun....  I would have not found it so had I dared to get on, which wasn't going to happen.

This ride, which I did not get the name, sort of spun in circles and as it spun faster and faster each arm upended so that the riders as they spun were spinning up side down.....  big lines and lots of screaming again!!!

... and there was even and old fashioned Carousel, a lovely ride that looks back to a more gentle age, and more this old geezers speed.  I have always loved them and find the workmanship just amazing....

... these two beasts were especially great, a giraffe and galloping rabbit!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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  1. I wouldn't be found on those first two rides, either, but your photos and description are interesting! Somehow, though, I just can't picture you as an old geezer.

  2. My favorite part of any fair is the exhibits!

  3. Oh fun! Love all the pics. I think the Merry Go Round is about my speed. lol! Love those animals!

  4. OH THE FAIR!!!
    Fun as heck ain't they?!

  5. so many wonderful displays!! I especially loved the flowers and the Lincoln Logs. I NEVER go on those rides!

  6. Our county fair was this week. Today is the last day. In my younger days I would have tried the first two but found out a couple years ago while riding with the grandkids maybe I was just a little to old. Made me dizzy so have given them up but they were such fun when I was kid. AND I never got sick from them.

  7. What a feast for the eyes to take in, spectacular

  8. Gorgeous photos, Edgar! I nearly had a fainting spell seeing that ride that spins the people UPSIDE DOWN! Yikes!! Love that giraffe, though, on the carousel! Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your fun at the fair!